The technological and industrial complexity of semiconductor markets and related financing makes it one of the most difficult industries to apprehend.

We provide you with comprehensive analyses and semiconductor market trends that take into account all the factors impacting the semiconductor industry:

  • Market status
  • Technology roadmaps and applications
  • Industrial stakes
  • Supply chain maturity and changes
  • Customer needs
  • Competitive landscape


Our mission is to help you:

  • Get a comprehensive and reliable vision of the semiconductor industry’s status and development
  • Understand the technical context and your competitors’ technological and industrial choices
  • Make the right decisions to adapt your strategy, invest wisely and develop your business


The synergy of know-how and knowledge

The companies that make up Yole Group combine globally recognized, best-in-class expertise and methodologies.

  • Yole SystemPlus provides in-depth technological understanding, thanks to reverse-engineering and reverse-costing of semiconductor devices and systems
  • Yole Intelligence provides application, market and industrial analysis
  • PISÉO specializes in photonics component performance analysis, helping you understand the links between technological choices and real, measured performances.

With our unique, complementary skill set, we help you navigate the complex and ever evolving semiconductor industry. With our help, you’ll achieve a better understanding of technology developments, manufacturing processes and related markets.

Four complementary axes

We are able to provide you with a 360-degree view of the industry, thanks to the breadth of our experts’ knowledge across four complementary areas

  • Analysis of technological development: process, cost and performance
  • Analysis of applications and markets
  • Analysis of player strategies and their investments
  • Analysis of the quickly evolving supply chain structure

A trusted third party for over two decades

For over 20 years, Yole Group has fiercely maintained an independent and neutral position.

We have grown from our base in Europe to gain the trust of our partners worldwide, by daring to express our own take on the semiconductor industry value chain and its development. Our neutral point of view ensures an unbiased vision of the industry.

At the heart of the semiconductor industry’s network

We base our reports on primary research achieved through conversations with industry stakeholders, covering the entire semiconductor supply chain and semiconductor technology trends: module and component manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, foundries, e-packaging, testing and assembly players, financial institutions, end users.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with diverse players across the semiconductor industry, we understand and foresee the industry’s dynamics, and those of its supply chain. Our bird’s eye view gives us an appreciation of how these stakeholders interact with one another, so that we can provide you with a precise semiconductor industry forecast.

What you will find inside

Market data, technology trends and strategy analysis

Supply chain evolution analysis

Reverse costing and reverse engineering

Performance analysis

Our Report Offer



Helping You Understand how Technologies Change Markets

Market and Technology Trends Reports by Yole Intelligence

Take a step back and gain a strategic understanding of your industry.

Yole Intelligence focuses on dedicated technologies and their potential market applications, and the evolution of the associated markets. Once a year, we shed a light on a specific area, helping you understand its current state, market dynamics (in units and value, down to the wafer level), and what is likely to happen within the next five years.

Yole Intelligence reports include quantitative market forecasts, technology trends, supply chain analysis, company strategy evaluation and in-depth application analyses. Over 50 new reports are published every year.


Find out how Components are Manufactured and How Much it all Costs

Technology, Process and Cost reports by Yole SystemPlus

Yole SystemPlus focuses on semiconductor components and system teardowns, to give you access to the detailed structure and manufacturing process of a specific component – or a series of components (with reverse engineering).

Yole SystemPlus offers two types of reports:

  • Technology, Process and Cost reports: focusing on a single component, they provide technical analysis with precise images of component design. You also get a detailed manufacturing process flow with step-by-step and material cost analysis.
  • Technology, Process and Cost Comparison reports: present an overview of multiple similar components, including a higher level analysis to focus on technical approach, cost and evolution. This gets compared with the objective to understand manufacturers’ strategic choices – and benchmark accordingly.

Yole SystemPlus releases over 60 new reports each year, including comparison reports.




PISÉO applies its expertise in the field of photonics to evaluate the performance of photonic components and systems. PISÉO’s deep-dive analysis and performance reports provide independent, accurate and detailed performance data and critical analysis of optical systems.

These reports relate to thermal cameras, displays and light sources, relying on robust and comprehensive test protocols and thorough analyses of test results and system construction. They allow you to compare products, mixing both application and technical approaches, providing you with unique insights from the integrator and system designer perspective. This food-for-thought will help you make the best technical and strategic business decisions.

  • Online PDF viewer
  • Downloadable PDF file with full analysis
  • Downloadable Excel files including charts and data