Yole Group

From technologies to markets


Yole Group is an international company, recognized for its expertise in the analysis of markets, technological developments and supply chains, as well as the strategy of key players in the semiconductor, photonic and electronic sectors. Yole Group’s business is based on daily interactions with a network of major operators in these industries, built on mutual trust over the years. 

We provide industrial companies, financial investors and R&D organizations, with market research and marketing analysis, technology, supply chain and cost analysis, as well as performance evaluation, to help our customers in their decision-making about their future business and manufacturing strategy in the semiconductor, photonic and electronic sectors.  

3 core activities based on deep synergies

Yole Intelligence

For the analysis of markets, technological developments and the development strategy of key players.

Yole SystemPlus

For the analysis of the implementation of technological innovations within the supply chain as well as system and component manufacturing costs.


For the performance analysis of photonic components and the analysis of their integration into a system.


With a team of more than 180+ people accross the world, Yole Group publishes market, technology, performance, reverse engineering and costing analyses, provides consulting services in strategic marketing and technological analysis. The group also offers due diligence and supports companies through merger-acquisition operations with its division, Yole Finance.

Driven by committed and curious people, Yole Group benefits from a network of technological knowledge within the supply chain and within the markets to offer a global, unique, and proactive vision of the semiconductor and photonic industry and its evolution.


Our headquarters

Our collaborators are based all over the world, our knowledge never sets. Indeed, from Asia to North America crossing Europe, the teams are located in different countries. Yole Group headquarters are based in Lyon-Villeurbanne, France, city of the brothers Lumière and well know as the gastronomic capital of France.

We also have local collaborators based in Japan, Korea, China, EMEA and North America who are helping us to understand all the trends and ecosystem.

our values


Faced with the demands of our customers, Yole’s analysts must provide accurate market data, technology analysis and understanding of the competitive situation. Therefore, Yole Group strives for excellence so that it can always go further with its clients and become indispensable for their strategy, marketing and technology analyses. Analysts are recognized in their field of expertise; they have every aspect of their fields of interest at their fingertips and present quality products and research to distinguished audiences. Thanks to a worldwide network build with the entire supply chain, each analyst of Yole Group can decipher and reacts instinctively to all the industry signs, mixing market, technology and supply chain changes.


Yole Group teams are always committed to provide an honest and realistic vision of the market, even if this vision does not necessarily correspond to the image developed by the client. Analysts are, like scientists, in search of understanding what is happening in the day to day life, providing an image as accurate as possible of the industry evolutions. And it is this passion for their profession that allows them to push their analyses ever further, for greater accuracy and relevance. This integrity is also found in the nature of the contract between Yole Group and its customers: Yole analyst must keep confidential the sensitive information he may have received, and using the available information and data, provide his analysis. Because of these elements, Yole Group is positioned as a trusted third party.


Whatever the demand, Yole Group is not afraid to take up the challenge! Even if this turns the project approaches previously defined by the teams upside down. It is this constant desire for challenge and its entrepreneurial spirit that allows Yole Group to respond rapidly to ALL of its clients' demands, even the most complex.


Linked to the previous point, as well as having a risk culture, Yole Group is an agile company which can adapt quickly to unexpected demands of its clients, while retaining strategic continuity (long-term vision). Yole Group is a partner of choice which is capable of modifying its processes in order to best meet the client's needs, while maintaining its performance.


Jean-Christophe ELOY

CEO & President of Yole Group

Our objective is to increase our skill set to have an even more global and forward-looking vision of the semiconductor market and the technologies that define it

Thibault BUISSON

Chief Operating Officer at Yole Intelligence

Romain FRAUX

CEO at Yole SystemPlus




Chief Financial Officer at Yole Group


Human Resources Director at Yole Group

Jean-Christophe ELOY

Thibault BUISSON

Romain FRAUX