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Yole Intelligence is a consulting firm specializing in the strategic analysis of markets, the supply chain, and technological developments related to the semiconductor industry and adjacent industries.
Benefiting from direct access to major players in the field of semiconductors and the multidisciplinary profile (scientific, technical, and market-oriented) of these analysts, we support our clients in the understanding of markets, the evolution of technologies, and their implementation in industry. The company provides its expertise through regular analyses and advice in strategic marketing and technical analysis.


What we bring

Our expertise covers a vast cross-section of the semiconductor industry, enabling us to offer tailored and off-the-shelf products relating to the entire supply chain. We can also help you adopt the right strategies and make the best business decisions with custom analyses.

Our fields of expertise encompass key areas:  Power Electronics, Compound SemiconductorRadio Frequency, Battery, Sensing and Actuating, Photonics and Lighting, Imaging, Display, Memory,  Computing and Software, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Semiconductor Packaging and Emerging Technologies.


How We Work: Our Methodology

At Yole Intelligence, we leverage a combination of scientific expertise and proven methodologies to collect, process, analyze and synthesize strategic information for our customers. Our singular position within the industry allows us to interact with high-level experts, developing our analysis from different angles such as technology, applications, finance and markets. Every day, we work to analyze information from end-system products down to the module, component and wafer levels, sharing our unique know-how with our customers in the form of exhaustive and valuable insights.

Based on this specific expertise and our proven methodologies, we can provide you with:

  • Robust and exhaustive semiconductor market segmentations
  • Focused technical analyses and roadmaps
  • Five-year forecasts, in both units and revenues, all through the supply chain
  • Predictive models with inflection points highlighting market and/or ecosystem disruption
  • Positioning of the different markets and applications to compare their associated and disruptive technologies
  • Comprehensive, solid knowledge of the different business models.

The Network Effect: Our Prime Position within the Industry

Our added value is derived from the depth of our knowledge and the breadth of our relationships across the industries we serve. Our work is considered by all leading players as a semiconductor market reference, giving us near-complete latitude to intervene as a trusted third party. This extraordinary position means we have access to high-level experts across the industry, ensuring that we gather accurate and reliable information. Our analysts are also invited to share their insights at all major conferences and events, further strengthening our connections within the industry.

Unique Expertise, Proven Methodologies

Through our unique cross-referencing of marketing and technology, we have developed widely acknowledged expertise in the analysis of semiconductor technologies. We have been continuously developing our methodologies over the course of the last 20 years, structuring them around three main pillars: market segmentation, top-down and bottom-up approach and technology assessment. Our approach to information collection, coupled with our understanding of the industrial and technical environment, makes it possible for us to assist companies at every stage of their growth.

Semiconductor Market Segmentation

The challenge: Gathering information on applications, technologies, and supply chain markets with common characteristics is a much, much more complex task than it seems. Our expertise: Solid experience on providing a clear, rational, panoramic view of a complex market. Our added value: From a blurred vision based on heterogeneous data, our analyses present a balanced, analytical picture of the market landscape, based on organized and homogeneous information.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches

The challenge: Gathering and organizing market data and semiconductor market forecasts isn’t easy. Our expertise: Our solid experience in market modeling from systems down to modules, components and wafers (our top-down approach) and aggregation of companies’ revenues at different levels of the supply chain (our bottom-up approach). Our added value: To optimize the accuracy of our forecasts, we consolidate market data at different levels of the supply chain, and then validate it against revenues of the related ecosystems.

Keeping up with the Times: Technology Assessment

The challenge: The ever-changing, unpredictable nature of semiconductor technology – and its related competitive landscape – makes it inherently difficult to manage. Our expertise: We have solid experience in analyzing how a new technology will diffuse itself, based on parameters such as manufacturing chain, technology bottlenecks, industrial structure, and market segments targeted. Our added value: Our analyses provide in-depth roadmaps and strategic insights that take technology, markets, semiconductor manufacturing and the industrial landscape into consideration.

Products and Services

Market and Technology Trends, Strategy and Supply Chain Analysis reports

Take a step back and gain a strategic understanding of your industry.

Quarterly Market Updates

Get a dynamic view of the semiconductor industry market, with up to 4 updates a year.

Market, Technology and Strategy Custom Analysis

Our off-the-shelf products do not cover your requirements? Get in touch with our dedicated team.


Thibault Buisson


Our endless curiosity combined with a field as exciting as semiconductor enables us to understand and share our knowledge to our worldwide customers.

Emilie Jolivet

Semiconductor, Memory and Computing Division Director

Claire Troadec

Power and Wireless Division Director

Jérôme Mouly

Photonic and Sensing Division Director

Guillaume Girardin

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Mounier

Director of Market Research, Fellow Analyst

Jérome Azémar

Consulting Services Division Director

John West

Semiconductor Subsystems and Testing Senior Division Director

Thibault Buisson

Thibault Buisson serves as a Chief Operating Officer of Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group. Previously he was Business Unit Manager of the Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing team;
Thibaut has 15 years of direct experience within the semiconductor industry, thanks to powerful collaborations at IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) and NXP Semiconductors (Grenoble, France) to develop a comprehensive industrial expertise.
He has authored or co-authored more than 15 publications and has spoken at several conferences.
Thibault graduated from the Institute of Technology (INP – Grenoble, France) with a Master of Research Degree in Micro & Nano Electronics, and from Polytech (Grenoble, France) with an engineering degree in Material Sciences.

Emilie Jolivet

Emilie Jolivet is Director of the Semiconductor, Memory & Computing Division at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group. Emilie manages the expansion of the technical and market expertise of her team. In addition, Emilie’s mission focusses on the management of business relationships with semiconductor leaders and the development of market research and strategy consulting activities. With its previous collaborations at Freescale and EV Group, Emilie developed a core expertise dedicated to package & assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, memory and software & computing.
Emilie Jolivet holds a Master’s degree in Applied Physics specializing in Microelectronics from INSA (Toulouse, France) and graduated with an MBA from IAE (Lyon, France).

Claire Troadec

Claire Troadec has been a member of the MEMS manufacturing team since 2013 at Yole Intelligence, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company. She graduated from INSA Rennes in France with an engineering degree in microelectronics and material sciences. She then joined NXP Semiconductors, and worked for 7 years as a CMOS process integration engineer at the IMEC R&D facility. During this time, she oversaw the isolation and performance boost of CMOS technology node devices from 90 nm down to 45 nm. She has authored or co-authored seven US patents and nine international publications in the semiconductor field and before joining Yole Intelligence managed her own distribution and e-commerce company.

Jérôme Mouly

Jérôme Mouly is Director of Photonic & Sensing Division at Yole Intelligence.
Jérôme manages the expansion of the technical expertise and market know-how of the team. He actively supports and assists in the development of a dedicated collection of market & technology reports as well as custom consulting projects.
He has conducted more than 100 marketing and technological analyses for industrial groups, start-ups, and institutes in the field of MEMS and sensing technologies.
Jérôme has been also deeply engaged in Yole’s finance activities with a dedicated focus on the commercial exploitation of smart system technologies and access to funding opportunities.
Jérôme is regularly involved in international conferences, with presentations and keynotes.
Jérôme Mouly earned a Master of Physics degree from the University of Lyon (FR).

Guillaume Girardin

Guillaume Girardin, PhD. is Director of Market Intelligence at Yole Intelligence.
As director he closely works with Yole’s Executives to evaluate and inform with strategic decision-making – including insights into the market, customers and competitors.
Within the Operating activities, he is engaged in the analysis of financial, strategic data and trends, as well as scenario and business analytics, to support the definition and the development of strategic plannings and structuring projects of the company.
Guillaume Girardin holds a Ph.D. In Physics and Nanotechnology from the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 (Lyon, France) and an M.Sc. in Technology and Innovation Management from EM Lyon School of Business (Lyon, France).

Eric Mounier

With more than 25+ years of experience within the semiconductor industry, Eric Mounier, PhD. is Fellow Analyst at Yole Intelligence. Eric is daily providing deep insights into current and future semiconductor markets and innovative technologies such as Si photonics, MEMS, quantum computing and new type of sensors.
Based on a relevant methodology expertise and strong technological background, he is closely working with the overall teams at Yole to point out disruptive technologies and analyze business opportunities.
Eric Mounier has a Semiconductor Engineering Degree and a Ph.-D in Optoelectronics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (France).

Jérome Azémar

Jérôme Azémar is director of the Custom Project Business Development Division (CPBD) at Yole Intelligence. Jérôme’s mission is to develop Yole’s business and technical knowledge in the industry, maintain long-term relationships with its accounts, and meet their expectations. He supports the development of strategic projects, following the company’s leading customers within the semiconductor industry, from manufacturing to packaging.
Jérôme is the author of numerous analyses and international publications covering advanced packaging, power electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing. He is also regularly involved in international conferences, giving presentations, delivering keynotes, as well as organizing committees.
Prior to this and upon graduating from INSA Toulouse (France) with a Master’s in Microelectronics and Applied Physics, Jérôme joined ASML and worked in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) for three years as an Application Support Engineer specializing in immersion scanners. During this time, he acquired Photolithographic skills which he then honed during a two-year stint as a Process Engineer at STMicroelectronics (France).

John West

John West is a Senior Director of the Semiconductor Subsystems and Test Division at Yole Group.
He has over 20 years of industry experience and a successful track record in various strategy and consulting projects. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Physics from King’s College London and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.



Our team of analysts comprises PhD- and MBA-qualified industry experts. From every corner of the world, they collect and analyze information, identify trends and challenges, and discover emerging markets and competitive environments. They turn that information into a complete, panoramic view of your industry and business landscape.

Our worldwide team of passionate, endlessly curious people brings you unparalleled support, with relevant, high quality answers. Our mission is to help you by sharing our view on technology and market trends, based on solid data collection from different sources of information across our robust industry network. Our research is performed by in-house personnel, who conduct open-ended discussion-based interviews.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked on more than 2,300 projects, interacting with technology professionals and high level opinion makers from the main players in their respective industry. To give you an idea of scale, we complete over than 5,000 interviews a year!



Our analysts are based all over the world, our knowledge never sets. Indeed, from Asia to North America crossing Europe the analysts are located in different countries.

Our headquarters are located in Lyon-Villeurbanne, the city that gave the world cinema, and the gastronomic capital of France.


Our analysts are based all over the world, from Asia to North America and across Europe. Analysts based in Japan, Korea, China, EMEA and North America are also on-hand to help us understand all the trends in the semiconductor ecosystem.