Why Join Us?

You have strong technical skills and…

  • are curious and willing to understand and analyze
  • want to join a team of experts to work with the very best
  • want to evolve and learn every day
  • want to take a step back and understand the technical and business issues associated with innovation, markets, stakeholders, applications and technologies

So, dare to apply, and let’s get acquainted!

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Yole Group brings together all types of functions, each more valuable than the next.


Our Directors are the guarantors of Yole Group’s performance management, based on human values and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

  • CEO
  • Head of Strategy
  • Local General Manager
  • CTO
  • HR Director
  • Head of Marketing & Sales
  • CFO

A technical background is common from entry level to managerial positions.

  • Technical, Market and Cost Analysis
  • Software
  • Systems and Design
  • Laboratory (tests and characterization)
  • R&D
  • Financial Analysis (Due Diligence, M&A)

The management team (Team Lead, Architect, Manager, Directors) organizes and ensures that activities run smoothly.


Support roles are essential to the company’s operations. You structure daily activities and form the basis for solid, perennial growth.

  • Financial (invoicing, financial control, accounting)
  • Administrative (office and facilities Management)
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • IT

The promotion and sale of our products and services is crucial. These roles are present all over the world in order to remain as close as possible to our customers in Asia, North America and Europe.

  • Product Sales
  • Custom Project Business Development
  • Support Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Operational Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internal and Corporate Communication
  • Public and Press Relations

Recruitment Process

Our process involves different functions and roles, for a complete validation of your technical and soft skills. You will meet with HR as well as your future manager and colleagues.

The objectives of our recruitment process:

  • To give you a complete overview of your future job and career evolution prospects
  • To give us the opportunity to choose from the best
  • To give us both the assurance that your drivers and our values are compatible


  • Have a look at our job offers, and apply to the one you feel suits you best.
  • You can also send a general application to We might have a role for you!


  • Your application is considered in light of our current and future needs.
  • We share our feedback with you.

First Interview

  • Our HR Department will organize a first meeting to discuss the potential fit between our positions and your expectations.
  • We then organize a quick discussion with a Technical Manager.
  • If there is a good fit, we set a date to meet.

Second Interview

  • We invite you to a face-to-face interview with HR and managers for an in-depth evaluation of your skills and motivation.
  • We talk, in full transparency, about what genuinely drives you and your personality.
  • We present practical cases to give you the opportunity to project yourself into your potential position.

Final Step

  • If we both want to work together, we formulate a proposal.
  • We keep you informed about the next steps.
  • Whatever our final answer, we commit to give you feedback.


We build a career path for each employee who joins us. Offering functional and geographical development, we support you in your projects and ambitions.

Our HR culture is based on personalized career management for everyone who joins our company. Your manager follows you closely, and you benefit from several discussions during the year.

We also offer Yole University. It is designed to help you train according to our methodologies and to develop your expertise.


Managerial Development



Analyst Team Lead Analyst

Job Evolution



Senior Analyst Dir. Custom Project Business Dev

Managerial Development


Analyst Head of Department

Geographical Mobility



France Japan

Managerial Development



Technology and Cost Analyst Head of Department


Managerial Development

After an engineering degree in Turkey in Materials Science, I wanted to have a specialization and I followed an Erasmus Master between Germany and France. I then did a PhD in microelectronics at the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology in Lille.

I joined Yole in early 2018 and was first trained in marketing. After 2 years and a half as a Technology & Market Analyst, I applied for the position of Team Lead Analyst because I liked the interactions with my colleagues and loved to transmit my knowledge.

Today, I am responsible for the compound semiconductor business. I manage a team of 5 people who focus on emerging silicon technology platforms. What I like about Yole is that no day is like another as the environment of the markets we follow is very dynamic. Everyone likes to share, exchange and is open to discuss, so I’m never bored and I learn everyday.

Since I have been with Yole for 4 years, I have a global vision of the subjects, I understand the major trends, the markets, I can make links between technology, economics and geopolitics.


« I have a global vision of the subjects, I understand the major trends, the markets, I can make links between technology, economics and geopolitics».



Job Evolution

I am a microelectronics engineer and I started my career as an Application Engineer in the Netherlands in the field of lithography. After a few years, I took a position as a Process Engineer and joined Yole in 2013 as an Analyst because my goal was to live my passion for technology while having a broader view.

I was a bit afraid of losing technical skills by leaving the practice but my desire to understand the evolution of the technology was stronger, I needed to understand the context, the actors and their stakes.

After 3 years as an Analyst, I was able to reach a level of technical expertise and comfort in customer relations. I was offered in 2018 to take over the management of the specific services development division. Today, I am in charge of Business Development dedicated to the specific needs of our customers that would not be covered by our products. Our challenge is to get as close as possible to the customer’s needs by proposing a customized offer.

What I like about Yole is that all my colleagues are dynamic and passionate and this is a real asset. Everyone is different, but it’s our collective passion for technology that brings us together. We learn every day and we understand.

My years at Yole have been marked by learning, meetings and new challenges.

“To live one’s profession within the framework of one’s passion is not an opportunity that is given to everyone!”


Managerial Development

I am a Software Engineer with a first experience in a service company. After several years, I joined a firm of surveyors where I was responsible for defining the technical architectures of large international projects in the field of GIS and dematerialization.

I arrived in Yole System Plus in 2018 to take responsibility and evolve the tools developed by the company. Less than two years after my arrival, I recruited a first person and we quickly needed to evolve the team as more and more projects were integrated into our department’s scope.

I now manage a team of developers who work for both external and internal clients.

What I particularly appreciate is that we have the means to work well, there are always things to do, and we have the possibility of integrating new technologies, which is important in the IT field.

I am given such confidence that I have carte blanche on the technological choices. We have a close-knit team and communication between us is fluid and open.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be to take a step back and manage increasingly ambitious, complex and interconnected projects.



Geographical Mobility

After a French-Italian double degree in Telecom engineering, I did a PhD in Radio Frequency and Optics in a Research Institute and then started my career as a Characterization Engineer for 3.5 years. I then joined Yole in January 2018 as a Technology and Display Market Analyst.

After participating in the development and promotion of these activities, I was offered the opportunity to take responsibility for the Imaging & Display activities, which I accepted to mix professional and personal challenge.

At the same time, I was able to make my expatriation project to Japan a reality because Yole supported me in this desire for mobility that I had expressed from my first exchanges during the recruitment process.

I really appreciated the transparency shown by Yole from the recruitment phase and our contacts were promising. What I particularly like about Yole is that we are constantly meeting new people, and we are regularly asked to take part in exciting events that put us in the spotlight and allow us to make an impact!”

Since my arrival, I’ve met great people, built a network, attended conferences, written articles and conducted interviews. All this has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and I now fully assume my positions as a Yole Analyst.

«  We are regularly asked to participate in exciting events that put us in the spotlight and allow us to have an impact. »



Managerial Development

After a Master’s degree in nanotechnologies obtained as part of a triple engineering degree, I did an industrial PhD in power electronics. I then held a position in R&D where I was in charge of developing processes on electronic components.

I joined Yole System Plus in 2014 as a Technology and Cost Analyst. I first worked for two years on MEMS and then developed the power electronics activities to take in 2018, the responsibility of the Semiconductor Devices Department.

My current role is articulated on several axes: I am responsible for relations with our customers, I manage my team in the planning of activities as well as in the evolution of their careers. I also manage interactions with our laboratory in order to benefit from the information we need for our analyses.

What I like is to be at the heart of technological developments. We see and understand before anyone else what goes into the manufacture of components. Above all, I like the challenge associated with the demands of our customers and allowing my team to advance in areas where we have never been before.

When you want to learn, Yole Group does not limit itself. Everyone can suggest, there will always be someone to listen to the proposals.

These years have been intense but exciting. We travel, our playground is global and it’s extraordinary.

“I am in a company that has trusted me and given me the opportunity to grow. As a woman, of foreign origin, I am sensitive to that.”


Attracting and developing unique talent is more than an objective, it's our mission