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Our off-the-shelf products do not cover your requirements?

We understand you may have specific questions that need answering, or more exclusive needs than what is provided in our off-the-shelf reports. Yole Group has just the service for you: custom projects!

With a custom project, you meet your specific goals with information and data that go beyond the contents of our standard products. We can provide dedicated studies based on ad-hoc primary and secondary research. More than merely assembling internal data, we go out and collect accurate, up-to-date information from the field. We collect accurate information thanks to our extensive network and field-proof methodology. We then synthesize and format it to your needs. Drawing on our knowledge base of high quality reports, collected over two decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, we are able to craft exclusive market and technology research for your unique purposes. 

Custom studies are as flexible as it gets. We collaborate closely with you to define the scope. You can pick and choose from a variety of project types, including technical or strategic consultancy, market analyses, roadmaps, supply chain analyses, company profiling, partner research, technology assessment, benchmarking, workshops, etc. The level of detail and granularity of information can also be adapted as we dig deeper to get to the core of your request.

Communication is adapted to each project: You choose the frequency and very manner in which we interact throughout the study, right up to the deliverables. We value transparency and open exchange, and provide access to our analysts in order to better align expectations. We always consider your project as a team effort.

How it works

Desk research

To provide the best available data to you, we perform detailed secondary research. We gather and synthesize publicly available information, such as scientific publications, financial reports and earning calls.


Our analysts conduct about 3,500 interviews every year, both for primary research and for connecting with the key people within companies of interest. We have access to people in a variety of positions, according to our needs, from C-level to strategy, marketing to R&D, procurement and beyond.

Our network

We have a strong network of contacts in companies and organizations across Europe, USA and Asia – that’s a database of over 60,000 people. We work all along the supply chain – from R&D and investors to OEMs – and for all markets in which semiconductors exist. This ensures our analyses remain objective and comprehensive.

Global presence

We have a worldwide footprint, with analysts and sales offices based on all continents. We collect high-quality information in person at more than 80 events a year around the world.

Market forecasting

We apply a rigorous, field-proof methodology, based on top-down and bottom-up approaches and interview validation. This enables valuable and accurate market sizing, segmentation and forecasting. We can perform this across mainstream or specific applications of new and existing technologies.

Knowledgeable Analysts

Our analysts have experience and training in science, engineering and business. They have a deep understanding of the topics they investigate and are able to perform a thorough analysis.

A clear view

Our specialized teams focus on key platforms and components. They exchange information among themselves and permanently integrate global trends within the macroeconomic environment. Our market understanding therefore extends from the smallest detail all the way to the big picture.

By your side, all the way

Your custom study has a dedicated team of expert analysts. They will be your rock, remaining in touch with you throughout the project.

Building a quotation


To establish a quotation, we ask you about your needs to make sure the defined scope matches your expectations. We discuss specific markets and applications you want to investigate, the type of information you want to obtain, and your expected outcomes for the study.


We recommend starting with a remote meeting in order to define the scope of our investigation and confirm our understanding of your request. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other better, present our capabilities and answer any remaining questions you might have.


Custom studies are priced based on the estimated number of interviews needed to collect the data, on the effort needed to analyze and synthesize the information required.


A dedicated study typically takes between 3-5 months to be completed, with intermediary deliverables along the way. This timing can be adjusted depending on the scope, urgency and topic of interest.

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We guide your thinking by defining with you a precise scope for your custom project. If you need intelligence, but don't know where to begin, we would be glad to help.


Marketing studies

Marketing studies are great for evaluating the potential of innovative technologies, products or concepts in your target market. They can be used to technically assess and benchmark your solution in your markets of interest, find promising applications, and quantify your business potential and prospective market size. These analyses are based on interviews with prospects and appropriate players along the supply chain, using marketing tools developed in consultation with you. Marketing studies can be carried out anonymously or in full transparency. We can also put you in touch with potential customers that have authorized us to share their information with you during the study, thus helping you develop your business.


Supply chain studies

Yole Group can help you develop your business with strategic recommendations based on criteria you define.

Drawing on our deep understanding of technologies and markets, we help you evaluate organic growth strategies, such as product or technology diversification, new market development, and business model innovation.

We also study inorganic growth strategies, including identifying and ranking potential M&A targets.


Strategy consultancy

Yole Group can bring concrete strategic recommendations to help you develop your business following the criteria defined by you. Drawing from our deep technology and market understanding, Yole can help you evaluate organic growth strategies such as product/technologies diversification, new market development, business model innovation; as well as inorganic growth strategies including the identifying and ranking of potential M&A targets.


Market studies

Custom market studies are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights on – along with a thorough analysis of – your target markets. At Yole Group, we provide detailed market segmentation and a deep understanding of the specific dynamics, drivers and trends in each market segment you wish to investigate. These are dedicated, exclusive reports that help you answer specific questions – or simply get a better understanding of a particular segment, technology platform or economic context. Our top-down and bottom-up market research methodologies also allow for accurate market sizing and realistic market forecasting, with comprehensive explanations of associated rationales for growth.


A dedicated workshop gives you full access to our leading analysts’ insights. You interact with our market and technology experts in a meeting that can be as long as four hours. We then compile an ad-hoc slide deck on the topic of your interest, and thoroughly debrief your team. You ask questions and comment at will throughout what will be a collaborative exchange on the topics you would like to know (much) more about. Workshops help you gain a deeper understanding of technology and market trends, business dynamics and industry context. They can also be used as “crash courses” on new topics and business areas for your company’s R&D teams, product and sales managers, and strategic departments. These interactive sessions are the perfect opportunity to obtain comprehensive insights and explanations, directly from our analysts. The contents of any workshop can be tailored to your needs, provided that they use only existing data from our reports and information available in-house.

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