Supporting your strategic decisions

You are

  • An OEM or system integrator
  • An EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) provider
  • A semiconductor provider (IDM, fabless, foundry, OSAT)
  • An equipment or material supplier

And you need help with

  • Making a business decision about technology or the cost of a system
  • Understanding a specific system’s design choices
  • Evaluating new systems released on the market
  • Comparing different systems


The Teardown Tracks are divided into three markets and twelve modules:

  • The Consumer Teardown Track is composed of four modules: Phone, Wearable, Smart Home and Tablet, Computing and Gaming. Our experts dismantle over 120 systems per year, selecting the latest and most innovative systems available on the market. Teardowns of all flagship smartphones are usually available a few weeks after their commercial launch.
  • The Automotive Teardown Track, with more than 70 systems dismantled per year, breaks down into five modules: ADAS, Infotainment, Telematics, Electrification and Other ECUs.
  • The Telecom Teardown Track, with the dismantling of over 15 SG telecom systems selecting the latest and most disruptive ones such as SG Baseband Units, Active Antenna Units and CPEs.


Our products are available via our interactive website and can be downloaded as PDF or Excel files. At every step of the teardown, we take high-resolution photographs uploaded in full quality, allowing for precise and interactive zooming.

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Our added value

Online access with downloadable files

All our teardown tracks’ data is available on our online website. This interactive portal allows you to compare between different teardowns.

What’s more, all of the data is also downloadable as PDF and Excel files.

A strong and historical database

All of Yole SystemPlus’ teardowns are gathered in a structured database, with all the components identified and analyzed connected to the different systems they belong to. Our website allows you to easily make all the connections.

Precise selection and weekly updates

All the systems analyzed by our team are carefully selected for their innovation or their particular interest for the market. Our expert team has a solid experience in sourcing the latest and most innovative systems in their respective domains. We can also procure very rare systems thanks to our trusted network – and our expertise.


Our different offerings give you the choice between all-access subscriptions and one-shot teardown purchases. Our sales people will be happy to provide you with complete information about our different subscription offers.

What is included

Reverse Costing

A detailed cost analysis is integrated in all our Teardown Tracks with a bottom-up cost estimation. We developed precise tools in-house to guide our analyses and provide you with the best estimate in the industry.

High resolution photography

All our images are available online through an ultra high-resolution viewing system, enabling you to zoom into the different components. Our advanced image viewer also makes it possible to interactively identify and measure components.

Complete Bill of Materials

Drawing on our expertise and in-house tools, we identify all components of the system analyzed down to the semiconductor level.

Comprehensive block diagrams

Electronic design choices become clearer with highly detailed block diagrams included in all our teardowns to show component connections and functions.

Teardowns connected through components

Through the detailed part lists, you can follow links on our website to other devices employing the same component. All the teardowns available in our database are thus interconnected.





When an Image is Worth Billions of Words


  • Our web-based platform gives you access to high resolution images
  • 33% more information provided through angled views, side and top x-rays, and high-resolution zooming


You have access to a complete reverse engineering hardware tool where you can overlay component view and board view, and select the component you want more information about directly from the view. Tools are available to measure length and surface right from the view.

  • Online web-based teardown platform
  • High resolution pictures at every steps
  • A downloadable Excel file with the parts list
  • Weekly data updates: regular updates as our teardown progress

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