Telematics Teardown Module

By Yole SystemPlus


Want to get access to the reverse costing of the electronics in Telematics, with precise technology and cost assessments down to the semiconductor level? You can rely on Yole SystemPlus extensive experience – and the complete bills of material we deliver – to gain valuable insights into the Telematics arena’s market trends, its supply chain and leading players.


Our Telematics Teardown offering provides you with a complete overview of all existing technologies in this area. That means telematic control units, V2Xs, 4G/5G systems, GPS/WiFi systems, UWBs and more. Like all our offerings, the Telematics Module is there to help you make the best decisions about your technology choices. It is part of the Automotive Teardown Track Offer, which includes several other technological focus.


Titre du visuel

june 2021

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Thematic(s) :

  • A detailed product page within our web portal
  • Key features of the system
  • Device dismantling & board high-resolution photos, with interactive zoom capabilities
  • Comprehensive block diagrams
  • Detailed parts lists, BOMs, and cost summaries
  • Links to other teardowns using the same component
  • Robust database search
  • Downloadable PDF and parts list in Excel file

  • Web-based teardown 24/7 online platform
  • Access the teardowns that will be added during one year, in addition to all already available in the existing database
  • High resolution pictures at every steps
  • Data updated weekly: regular updates as our teardown progress
  • A downloadable Excel file with the parts list

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