Consumer Teardown Track

By Yole SystemPlus


Teardown Tracks are Reverse Costing® analyses of electronic systems with technology and cost assessment. We craft them with purpose to allow you to scrutinize systems of various types right down to the semiconductor level – and understand their related supply chains in the process.

Our team of experts draw from over 20 years of wide-ranging experience to select the latest and most innovative systems available on the market. We provide you with technology and cost assessments, cost estimates with detailed breakdowns and estimated manufacturer pricing. Complete component identification includes high resolution photographs that you can zoom deep into.

Our team of experts draw from more than 20 years of experience, enriched by all the teardowns already available in our vast database, to select the latest, most innovative systems available on the market. They thoroughly tear them down to provide technology and cost assessments, capturing high resolution photographs at every step. The resulting data includes components identification, cost estimates with detailed breakdown and estimated manufacturer pricing. Our Automotive Teardown Tracks are updated continuously by our analysts with teardowns from the systems level down to their very semiconductor components


Modules available

The Consumer Teardown Track is composed of 4 modules with more than 120 systems dismantled per year:

  • Phone: 5G, foldable, flagship smartphone – teardowns of all flagship smartphones are usually available few weeks after their commercial launch
  • Smart Home: home assistant, AI, smart speaker and more
  • Wearable: smartwatch, earbud, smart glass, AR/VR and more
  • Tablet, Computing and Gaming: tablet / hybrid, laptop, graphic cards, game stations and controllers and more


Titre du visuel

june 2021

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Thematic(s) :

  • Construction
  • Usability
  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Cellular Network

High-resolution pictures

  • Box contents
  • Back, front & side views
  • Full device X-Ray
  • Dismantling steps – components removals

High-resolution pictures

  • Board area assignements
  • Front & back of apps PCB annotated, angled views, X-Rays
  • Front of Modem PCB annotated, angled views, X-Rays
  • Cameras
  • Components

Interactive zooming

Full detailed BOM:

  • Part total ASP
  • Total ASP Manufacturer
  • Part Quantity
  • Total Package Area

> You want to access all smartphone data aggregated in a complete interactive product ? See the “Smartphone Design Win add-on” here.

Analysts notes on the teardown, observations and comparison to previous technology and phones dismantled.

  • Web-based teardown 24/7 online platform
  • Access the teardowns that will be added during one year, in addition to all already available in the existing database
  • High resolution pictures at every steps
  • Data updated weekly: regular updates as our teardown progress
  • A downloadable Excel file with the parts list


Main manufacturers covered

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