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InP and GaAs photonics quarterly markets: a chess game between two growing giants – Live Market briefing

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Apple is changing the business outlooks of InP and GaAs platforms

The GaAs photonics industry has been long dominated by datacom and telecom markets, but was transformed by Apple’s adoption of GaAs-VCSEL based 3D sensing. Yet GaAs faces strong competition from rival semiconductor InP, which leads in datacom and telecom. Indeed, the InP market reached a milestone in the consumer segment in 2022. InP-based lasers and photodetectors penetrated Apple’s smartphones and AirPods, which could be a game changer. Such applications have high volume potential and thus could push the boundaries of InP in terms of capacity, wafer size and cost.

This live market briefing will present the evolution of InP and GaAs markets at the substrate, epiwafer and component levels as well as their respective ecosystems.

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