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MCU Supply Chain Swings – Live Market Briefing

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As the Covid 19 economy evolves to a post-pandemic era, inflation rates rise, GDP falls, and the MCU supply chain grows increasingly chaotic.

As the global semiconductor market tries to recover from the effects of the pandemic, the repercussions and residual crisis continue to wreak havoc with supply chains. Not all ICs are impacted the same and not all markets are affected equally.
In this talk, we focus on the state of the microcontroller market specifically in relation to the current state and outlook for the supply chain.
The following MCU market topics will be addressed current Supply Chain Issues, 2022 Imbalances and causes, markets feeling different impacts, and effects on pricing.

In this Live Market Breifing, we will talk about :

  • manufacturing capacity,
  • the curse of the golden part,
  • oversupply,
  • and other related disruptions.
  • We will cover some of the market impact – current and future

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