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Where do we go from here? Strategic Changes Afoot in the Processor Market – LIVE MARKET BRIEFING

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Making sense of the ways that the major players in the processor space are positioning their core businesses in response to the new environment

The everchanging market for leading-edge semiconductors is forcing the major players to adjust their design and manufacturing strategies. In this Live Market Briefing, Yole Développement analysts will discuss the key drivers in the processor market, including APUs, CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs, and explain the recent events and decisions shaping the processor industry.

Included in the topics for discussion are:

  • Intel, with a myriad of strategic adjustments in Intel Foundry Services, use of external foundry, GPU business, and MobilEye.  What is the core strategy here?
  • AMD+Xilinx deal will close soon, broadening AMD’s product offering, as AMD makes a strong re-entry into the datacenter GPU product space. How does this change the competitive dynamic between AMD and Nvidia?
  • Qualcomm is targeting 2H-2022 for new ARM-based laptop CPUs, via the Nuvia acquisition.  Could this be the Windows-on-ARM breakthrough?
  • 2022 should bring the introduction of 3nm production from TSMC and Samsung. How will the main players reorganize around this new process node?

These topics and more, viewed through the lens of Yole’s processor market analysis and technology commentary, deliver key insights to take into 2022.

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