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3D & Systems Summit 2022

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The 3D & Systems Summit will address the most relevant and advanced topics related to the 3D roadmap, Heterogeneous Integration and System-In-Package manufacturing.
The brand new agenda will focus on disruptive applications like Mobile IoT, High Reliability and High Performance. Invited high-caliber speakers, an exhibition area, B2B matchmaking, unique networking and business opportunities await all participants and exhibitors.

Yole Group of Companies will participate in the following:

Stefan CHITORAGA photo

Status of High-End Performance Packaging (2.5D & 3D) – Technology and Market Trends

Stefan Chitoraga, Technology & Market Analyst specializing in Packaging and Assembly at Yole Développement.

“As front-end node becomes smaller, design cost is becoming more and more important. Advanced packaging with its 2.5D & 3D solutions has become critical and effective in helping to reduce the impact of the cost related to front-end manufacturing while at the same time it helps to enhance system performance and present lower latency, increased bandwidth, and power efficiency.

Considering Yole’s definition, High-end Performance Packaging platforms are UHD fan-out, embedded Si bridge, Si interposer, 3D stack memory, and 3DSoC. Embedded Si bridge has two solutions: LSI from TSMC and EMIB from Intel. For Si interposer, there is a classic version usually provided by TSMC, Samsung, and UMC, and an active one which is Intel’s Foveros. EMIB combined with Foveros gives birth to Co-EMIB, which is used for Intel’s Ponte Vecchio. Meanwhile, 3D stack memory is represented by three categories: HBM, 3DS, and 3D NAND stack.”

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