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7th Automotive Sensors and Electronics Summit 2022

Yole Développement will attend the 7th Automotive Sensors and Electronics Summit 2022.

Even though the global impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, the automotive sensor and electronics industry looks optimistic, and it brings new opportunities for automotive sensor technology.

Further adoption of ADAS and future development trends like miniaturisation, integration, intelligence and multifunction, as well as increasing demand for safety and security are among the major boosting factors to grow the global automotive sensors market.

Exploring the advanced development of automotive sensor and electronics technologies, their components, and applications to enrich vehicle performance, safety, and driver experience, the experts in this field will exchange their recent practical approaches towards enabling the next level of sensing in highly automated driving.

Yole Développement will participate as following:

Pierrick Boulay - Yole Développement

“Radar, cameras and LiDARs for automotive”

Pierrick Boulay, Senior Technology and Market Analyst at Yole Développement

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