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Artificial intelligence (AI) is pervading almost every area of electronics today: from data centers, through edge accelerators to endpoint devices. Applications range from large scale analysis of medical data and online retail recommendation engines, to robotics and computer vision, to sensor fusion in the tiniest sensor nodes. The infusion of AI techniques into so many areas of computing is changing compute paradigms across the board.

The technical conference will have the following tracks with Keynotes, Panel Discussions and Technical Presentations:

  • December 13: AI Chips
    4:10 PM – 4:55 PM UTC+1 – AI Everywhere – Market Trends and Technical Trends

Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, will present this session with:

Senior Technology and Market Analyst,
Computing & Software

Technology & Market Analyst,
Computing & Software

The Processor Market and AI: Where will this emerging technology drive the old Semiconductor Mainstay?
Abstract: The processor market has shown some weakness against the backdrop of macro-economic uncertainty.  Meanwhile, there are pockets of strength in certain areas, especially those that involve the acceleration of AI.  In this presentation, Yole analysts will examine the market trends in CPUs, GPUs, APUs and AI ASICs and examine the proliferation of AI acceleration into these markets, as well as its effects.

  • December 14: AI Systems and System Design
  • December 15: AI Design Tools, Software and Data

The conference starts each day at 15:00 CET/Paris time (9:00am EST/New York time) and runs until around 19:00 CET/Paris time (1:00pm EST/New York time).

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