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ALD TECHDAY 2023 powered by Beneq

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Who is adopting ALD, and for which applications?

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is known to have enabled the scaling of logic and memory semiconductor devices. ALD is currently seeing rapid adoption in specialty device fabrication, such as in wide-bandgap power semiconductors, thanks to the emergence of novel architectures, materials, and performance improvements.
The ecosystem and actors within the supply chain are collaborating more than ever to accelerate ALD adoption.

At Yole Group, we estimate that, by 2026, ALD equipment sales for specialty semiconductors will grow 12% per year to a record $680.5M (Yole Intelligence, 2021). Amidst this rapid pace of growth, who is adopting ALD, and for which applications?
Learn more about it during the forum with our expert.

This forum is part of SEMICON Europa 2023. More information HERE

Yole Group is part of this forum as speaker with:

Taguhi Yeghoyan,
Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Equipment,

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Keynote and panel
3:30pm: Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment for More-Than-Moore Devices

Discover the other speakers of the seminar:

  • “ALD Applications for More-than-Moore: Overview and Case Example from SiC”, Alexander Perros, Head of Process Development, Semiconductor ALD, Beneq
  • “Case Study of ALD Dielectrics for GaN Power Electronics”, Niels Posthuma, Principal Engineer GaN Power Electronics, imec

Player Interview:

Beneq contributes to the surge of compound semiconductors – An interview by Yole Group
2023 marks a decline in memory and logic chipmaker revenue and CapEx, an adjustment after three consecutive years of growth. However, More-than-Moore (MtM) chipmakers’ revenues and CapEx growth rates show very different dynamics.
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