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We are thrilled to be a part of The AngelTech Executive Strategy Summit, where as speakers participants, we join a distinguished gathering offering a unique platform for attendees to glean valuable knowledge and strategic guidance, propelling their businesses forward.

This summit is not just an event; it’s a global perspective on business growth. With a keen focus on opportunities in Europe, North America, and Asia, attendees are set to embark on an international journey, exploring potential partnerships, collaborations, and market expansion strategies tailored to these key regions. Join us in shaping the future of executive strategy and business success at The AngelTech Executive Strategy Summit.

Poshun Chiu
Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Semiconductor Substrates & Materials

Monday, April 15th
11am: Reshaping the Landscape: Dynamics and Strategies in Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors

Over recent years, the wide band-gap semiconductor landscape, particularly in Power SiC and GaN, has experienced noteworthy shifts with significant mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and supply agreements. New entrants have intensified competition.
Material suppliers are advancing into epiwafer and device realms, while some device manufacturers are integrating epiwafer or substrate internally. This dynamic raises questions about the motivations and strategies driving such decisions and prompts speculation about the future moves within the eco-system.
This presentation by Yole Group aims to provide a comprehensive overview of market trends over the next five years, shedding light on the strategies employed by market players to reshape the supply chain.

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