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Explores Groundbreaking Developments in Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

In an era where sustainable transport is no longer a distant vision, the significance of efficient EV design cannot be overstated. Our presentation will emphasize the critical analysis of power electronics technology, showcasing how technological innovation is enhancing accessibility, safety, and energy efficiency in EVs. As the automotive landscape evolves, semiconductor materials and innovative powertrain architectures become integral, addressing efficiency and power-density requirements while accelerating EV charging. The focus on high-power-density solutions in the powertrain is paramount, aiming to elevate vehicle mobility while minimizing power consumption.

Join Yole Group at The Automotive Tech Forum 2024, where we will contribute insights, expertise, and a visionary perspective on the exciting future of electric and autonomous vehicles. Together, let’s navigate the road to innovation and shape the next chapter of automotive excellence.

The Automotive Tech Forum is powered by EETIMES

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Pierrick Boulay,
Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Automotive Semiconductor

Thursday, March 28th
15:10pm – 15:45pm: Safety and Security in AVs: How automated driving is transforming the sensor and computing markets

Various OEMs, such as BMW and Mercedes, are actively pursuing the goal of automated driving, with initial releases featuring eyes-off functionalities for highway driving up to 60 km/h. This marks the first phase, setting the stage for broader applications like highway driving up to 130 km/h, possibly on/off ramp navigation, arterial driving, and more. Each progression correlates with advancements in sensor technology and computing hardware. For instance, a vehicle equipped with sensors optimized for 60 km/h may require upgraded, more sophisticated sensors and computing power to handle speeds up to 130 km/h. Additionally, the arrangement and quantity of sensors on a car are evolving in alignment with specific use cases identified by OEMs.
This presentation provides an overview of the automated driving landscape, outlining the anticipated steps toward achieving this goal. The focus will be on market forecasts for camera, radar, LiDAR, and associated computing, encompassing revenue projections for each category.

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