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Automotive World 2021

The world’s leading exhibition for advanced automotive technologies with 700* Exhibitors!

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is a combination of exhibitions & conferences covering important topics in the automotive industry such as automotive electronics, connected car, autonomous driving, EV/HV/FCV, lightweight, processing technology and MaaS. As the exhibition has grown rapidly every year, now it welcomes a large number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world! (*expected).

Yole Développement will participate to the following:

How the CASE paradigm is driving the automotive industry

On January 20, 2021 at 3PM
Zine Bouhamri, Team Lead Analyst, Imaging, Yole Dévelopement

Abstract: The automotive industry has been taken over by the CASE paradigm: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electrical. And while the auto industry has seen the impact of the coronavirus crisis evolve from a supply shock to a global demand shock, the direction it takes towards the four major abovementioned megatrends is expected to remain unchanged going forward. However, the speed of adoption might have changed due to the emergency. In this seminar, Yole Développement will present their overall strategic analysis for the automotive market, connecting the dots between current and future trends in technology, industry, and market values geared toward this market.

Following the CASE paradigm, we will first address the general trends that are surrounding the automotive market.

This will pave the way towards a discussion around power electronics, a $17.5B worth market, whereby the strongest growth driver is coming from automotive applications, through electrical and hybrid vehicles. We have entered a period of massive deployment of such vehicles by historical car makers. And their supply chains attract the interest of many players, involving probable changes in business models.

Then, as advanced driving assistance system functionalities were initially developed for safety, we see them being more and more used toward autonomy. And to that end, CMOS image sensors will remain as the main sensor of use, so we shall discuss that extensively in a context where this device does not seem to be experiencing any kind of slowdown.

Finally, we will peek inside the car interior, where semiconductor technologies will also experience extensive growth while addressing the safety and comfort dichotomy. Because be it for drivers or passengers, both comfort and safety are fed by displays, interior lighting, and in-cabin sensing, so we shall thoroughly discuss these aspects.  

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