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CISES – China International Semiconductor Executive Summit

China International Semiconductor Executive Summit offers opportunities to engage with political, business, financial, research and industry leaders of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Yole Intelligence powered by Yole Goup will be part of the program

Shalu AGARWAL, PhD, Senior Technology and Market Analyst at Power and Wireless Division

How will the growing EV market impact the power module packaging technologies?
Power electronics represents a healthy market driven mainly by CO2 emission reduction targets. The power module is one of the key elements in power converters and inverters. The demand for power modules will reach $10 B by 2026. At the same time, the need for power module packaging materials will reach $ 3.5B by 2026, which means that power module packaging cost will represent about 35% of the total power module cost. In the past, Industrial applications mainly drove power packaging technology development. However, today EV/HEV applications increasingly drive technological innovations in power module packaging. The requirements for power, frequency, efficiency, robustness, reliability, weight, volume, and cost of automotive power modules are often more severe than industrial products due to high vehicle safety standards and a harsh environment. Therefore, high power density and highly reliable power module packages are needed. This presentation will focus on the impact of the growing EV market on the evolution of power module packaging, its technology trends, main challenges, market data, and the supply chain

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