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Conference on the Commercialization of Micro/Nano & Emerging Technologies (COMET)

A COMET (Commercialization of Emerging Technologies) Conference is an international event organized by MANCEF (Micro And Nano Commercialization Educational Foundation) and the host site/country. August 22-25 of 2021 Hanking Electronics will be the host organization for China COMET 2021. This conference will emphasize advanced MEMS, semiconductor and sensor technology and commercialization in Asia. Presentations and topics will include semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing and infrastructure in China, memory and MEMS wafer foundries, flexible and embedded sensors, energy harvesting, inertial and medical sensors and wearables. This conference will bring international leaders in emerging technology and commercialization to the Shenyang, China.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

Lithography and Bonding Equipment in growing MEMS and Sensors Market for Consumer and Automotive Applications – Keynote Presentation

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Taguhi YEGHOYAN, PhD, Market and Technology Analyst, Manufacturing Division, Yole Développement

MEMS and Sensors represent a vast number of device technologies which are present in all megatrends, including Consumer and Automotive. Covid-19 pandemic had a profound influence on those two end-markets. In 2020, Consumer end-market size decreased of 2.6% YoY and Automotive end-market size decreased even up to 27.5%. Nevertheless, by 2025, COVID-19 pandemic influence should fade away and MEMS device market should increase by 7.4% CAGR.
Despite strong MEMS market size decrease, the lithography and bonding equipment market serving it, is stable. Regarding consumer end-market, the fab capacity increase will be led mostly by projection lithography tools acquisition for RF BAW filters for 5G expansion (device CAGR of 15.5%) as well as sound processing MEMS (device CAGR of 5.4%). Regarding Automotive end-market, the lithography tools investment should be led by inertial MEMS and their integration with digital units. Total lithography equipment market for MEMS and Sensors manufacturing is expected to grow with 4% CAGR. The following years will also show adoption of Maskless Lithography equipment which can potentially address the photomask-related manufacturing cost. A general MEMS integration trend leads the bonding equipment market increase with CAGR above 10%.
This presentation aims to give an overview of MEMS and Sensors lithography and bonding market, the latest device manufacturing breakthroughs and remaining challenges.

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