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Connecting Heterogeneous Systems Summit

This year, 3D & Systems Summit and MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit will take place virtually, and co-located.

The summit brings together thought leaders and industry experts from the entire 3D & Systems and packaging and, MEMS/imaging/sensor value chain to discuss the latest advancements in Heterogeneous Integration and sensing technology driving innovation in high end applications.

DAY 1 | Wednesday, September 1

Session 1: Executive Keynotes
Session 2: Technology Roadmap & Market Briefing
Session 3.1: Equipment and Materials for Enabling High Performance
Session 3.2: Equipment and Materials for New MEMS & Imaging Sensors
Session 4: Roundtable Discussion

DAY 2 | Thursday, September 2

Session 1: Diversity & Inclusion in The Semiconductor Industry
Session 2.1: System Level Requirements in 3D & Systems
Session 2.2: Technologies Roadmap for Advanced Imaging and MEMS Systems
Session 3.1: Design and Architecture
Session 3.2: Advanced MEMS and Imaging System Solutions

DAY 3 | Friday, September 3

Introduction to the Session by Chair and Explanation of Voting Process
Presentation Pitches
Presentations from Past Year Winners
Updates from past Technology Showcase Winner
Updates from past Technology Showcase Honorary Mention
Live Announcement of Winner and Q&A with Winner
Wrap up of the Event

Yole Développement will participate to the following:

MEMS and CIS: Lithography and Bonding Equipment Market State and Outlook

Taguhi YEGHOYAN, Market and Technology Analyst at Yole Développement
On September 1st, 2021 at 1:10pm CEST

Among More-than-Moore devices, CIS feature size is the smallest and requires sophisticated projection lithography equipment able to deliver high resolution feature patterning. Currently, there is only three players (Canon, ASML and Nikon) being able to satisfy the CIS lithography needs. Nevertheless, the revenue for lithography business dedicated to CIS exceeded $300M in 2020 for new brand equipment and is expected to grow in the following years with a CAGR2020-2026 of 11% . CIS is also the main adopter of 3D integration with established high-volume production of sensor stacking with logic die via hybrid or fusion bonding (used respectively in 41% and 23% in total CIS dies shipped in 2020). Hybrid bonding is expected to increase its adoption in CIS die manufacturing to 64% in 2026. Again, only few players will be able to satisfy the needs for HVM of 3D stacked CIS dies (EVG, TEL, SÜSS MicroTec). Nevertheless, in 2020, CIS-dedicated tools exceed 25% of total permanent bonding market of approximately $259M.

MEMS manufacturing technologies are more diverse due to the variety of sensor architecture and application. That leads to high fragmentation of MEMS lithography tool vendors market, offering Mask Aligners, projection steppers/scanners and newly entering Maskless Lithography. Bonding dedicated to MEMS devices constitute also a large part -of permanent bonding tools sold in 2020, including the usage of mature bonding techniques such adhesive, anodic bonding and solder bonding.

This presentation aims to overview technology and market aspects for lithography and bonding equipment dedicated to CIS and MEMS.

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