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CS CHINA CON 2022 – Compound Semiconductor Advanced Technology Application Conference

The presentations covered five of the most important topics of our time: how to build faster, more
efficient networks? what is needed to drive microLED deployment? how to build a multi-billion dollar worthy SiC industry? where is the opportunity for VCSELs and their surface emitting devices? what is the best way to exploit the potential of GaN power devices? What is the best way to
exploit the potential of GaN power devices? What are the latest advances in deep-UV LEDs?
In these sessions, the experts detailed device technology breakthroughs; provided insight into the current state and evolution of compound semiconductor devices; provided an up-to-date overview of the current state of the compound semiconductor industry; and provided the latest information on equipment and its process advances that will help improve fab yields and throughput. A key element of the Compound Semiconductors Advanced Conference was its exhibition, which allows engineers and fab managers to learn about the latest advances in manufacturing and metrology equipment, raw materials and intelligent control software relevant to R&D and production, and to build a good ecosystem for the industry chain.

Yole Intelligence powered by Yole Goup was part of the program with:

Poshun CHIU, Analyst Compound Semiconductor & Emerging Substrates

As carbon footprint reduction becoming more and more important in various industries, wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors are not penetrating in different applications by offering outstanding power conversion efficiency and benefit of lightening the system and smaller form factor. For example, SiC is mainly used in automotive, energy and industrial applications, along with GaN is adopted in the charger of smartphone.

In the presentation, Yole presented the latest industry trends in WBG semiconductors, focusing on SiC and GaN. It included the market drivers and the development of different applications. Meanwhile, Yole presented the latest market forecast updates of 2022 to 2027, and to provide the insights on the evolution of supply chain, innovative business model. And the development and the roadmap of WBG products in a longer timeframe has been covered in this presentation as well.   

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