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Yole Développement invites you to join us at CS, PIC and SSI International Conferences 2022.

With a pedigree stretching back more than a decade, CS International has firmly established itself as the leading conference covering all aspects of compound semiconductor device manufacturing.

At the next meeting, to be held in June 2022, presentations will cover five of the most important topics of our time: how to build faster, more frugal networks; what’s needed to drive the deployment of the microLED; how we will build a multi-billion dollar SiC industry; the opportunities for VCSELs and their surface-emitting cousins; and what are the best ways to exploit the glorious potential of GaN.

Throughout these five sessions, experts from our community will detail breakthroughs in device technology; offer insights into the current status and the evolution of compound semiconductor devices; deliver an up-to-date overview of the status of the CS industry; and provide details of advances in tools and processes that will help to drive up fab yields and throughputs.

A key element of CS International is its exhibition, allowing engineers and fab managers to learn of the latest advances in production and metrology tools, materials and software. The exhibition also promotes networking, helping delegates to connect with other key players within the community.

CS International is part of AngelTech, which delivers a portfolio of insightful, informative, highly valued chip-level conferences. Bringing together 3 conferences, 700+ delegates, 80+ exhibitors, 120+ presentations and numerous networking opportunities, AngelTech is the number-one global event covering compound semiconductor, photonic integrated circuit and sensor technologies. With a strong over-lap between the three conferences, attendees and exhibitors are exposed to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases.

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