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CS ManTech 2022

On behalf of the Executive and Technical Program Committees, it a pleasure to welcome you to the 36th International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (CS MANTECH) in beautiful Monterey, CA.

CS ManTech is a not-for-profit organization whose focus is to provide a forum for members of the compound semiconductor community to exchange and discuss new ideas to better serve the public in general.

CS ManTech accomplish this through an annual international conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. The conference is comprised of technical papers, talks, workshops, and manufacturer exhibits and is open to anyone who is interested in the latest advances in compound semiconductor manufacturing and device technology.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

KEYNOTE – MicroLED Display: technology and applications status

By Eric Virey, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Displays, Yole Développement
Presented by Claire Troadec, Division Director, Power & Wireless, Yole Développement on May 11th

MicroLEDs promise new generations of displays with improved performance in term of brightness, energy efficiency contrast, color gamut etc. Many companies have showed prototypes in various sizes and performance, aimed at a wide variety of applications, ranging from augmented reality to automotive, wearables, televisions, public information displays etc. The first commercial, consumer-oriented microLED displays entered the market in 2021. Yet, despite all its promises adoption of remains anecdotal. This paper will discuss the latest developments and remaining bottlenecks for broader microLED adoption.

Rise and Rise of SiC and GaN in Power Electronic Industry

Claire Troadec, Division Director, Power & Wireless, Yole Développement on May 11th

In the dynamic power electronic business, wide gap materials Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) have made remarkable entry over the last years and continue their market ascension. Emergence of EV/HEV market has impacted significantly the wide SiC industry, numerous carmakers adopt SiC devices in main inverters, on-board chargers (OBC) and DC/DC converters. On the other hand, GaN has found a sweet spot in high volume consumer rapid charging and future EV applications. This paper provides an overview of SiC and GaN device technology and ecosystem, including Yole Développement’s understanding of the market’s current dynamics and future evolution of wide band gap materials compared to mainstream Silicon power electronics market.

Thrilling Compound Semiconductor business opportunities in China

Poshun Chiu, Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Materials, Yole Développement on May 10th

As compound semiconductor markets in Power and RF segments emerge rapidly, investments in Power SiC, Power GaN, RF GaN and RF GaAs businesses pace around the world over the last years. Undoubtedly all industry eyes are on China. In the last few years, numerous Chinese players have been swiftly getting ready to compete on the global compound semiconductor stage through tremendous investments, merger and acquisitions as well as partnerships. This paper provides an overview of Chinese SiC, GaN and GaAs ecosystems in RF and power applications, including Yole Développement’s understanding of the market’s current dynamics and future evolution of business opportunities.”


Epitaxy equipment towards a billion-dollar mark

Vishnu Kumaresan, Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Yole Développement on May 10th

Epitaxy has remained a crucial step in MtM applications such as Power GaN, Power SiC, MicroLED and VCSELs. With COVID-19 accelerating the technological curve for these applications, the capital investment in the epitaxy equipment space is booming. In addition, the dynamic geo-political situation has added an additional level of demand for epitaxy equipment as device manufacturers in China are spending on equipment at record levels. In this paper, we aim to provide an overview of the status and market forecast for the epitaxy equipment in MtM space, along with a brief outlook on the role of China in the equipment demand and how it is shaping the competitive landscape of epitaxy equipment vendors. We are at a crucial period of history where each device around us is becoming smarter, greener, and more compact. In such an innovation race to add more functionalities into our everyday devices using the More-than-Moore (MtM) approach, the power-performance-area-cost (PPAC) factor is improved by using non-Si materials and by heterogeneously integrating them to one another. In this regard, Si, along with compound semiconductors such as GaAs, GaN, SiC, and InP, is growing at significant CAGRs. However, the choice of these materials comes with stringent material quality requirements and hence necessitates ultra-pure thin films grown using epitaxy equipment.

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