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Human Centered Interior Technology

This workshop will highlight how new technologies will contribute to increase safety, comfort and well-being in our new mobility world.
As the automotive market compete more and more on what is happening within the cabin, this event will also discuss how new technologies will contribute increasing safety, comfort and convenience within the car interior.
It will bring together worldwide participants, managers, and experts, involved in automotive interior.

Yole Group will be part of the speakers with:

Pierrick BOULAY,
Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Lighting and ADAS systems,

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

OMS/DMS technology evolutions and roadmap

In-cabin applications are evolving from basic and functional applications to features offering more connectivity, monitoring, and more personalization. Driver monitoring and occupant monitoring applications are the main application due to their integration in future regulations. Therefore, several technical developments have been observed related to 2D vision (NIR or event based) and 3D vision (ToF, stereo, or structured light) for driver monitoring. For occupant monitoring, radar technology can be used as well, providing another solution for Tier-1s.
The presentation will give an overview of technologies that could be used for these applications and a technology roadmap linked to the evolution of use cases.

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