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Exploring Frontiers: Unveiling New Opportunities at the Electronic Displays Conference

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated electronic displays Conference, where the global display industry converges to explore new horizons and discover unprecedented opportunities. This event serves as a focal point for key stakeholders, including researchers, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, integrators, and users.

Leaders from around the world come together to share invaluable knowledge and in-depth experiences gained from practical applications. The conference provides a platform to delve into the latest technologies, fostering intensive discussions on current and emerging trends and markets that will shape the future of the display industry.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Raphaël Mermet-Lyaudoz
Technology and Market Analyst, Display

Thursday, April 11th
11:25am-11:45am: VR and AR Market and Technology Analysis:
Which path to wider adoption?

VR and AR are markets with different dynamics, correspond with different use cases and are addressed by different technologies. For instance, even if OLED-on-Si based micro-displays enable < 3,000 ppi in the Apple Vision Pro, making it the very reference as a device, the same technology won’t make it for AR lacking brightness. On the other hand, LCoS is still far ahead as a projection module and very to be embedded in the first mass volume smart-glasses in 2027 but is out of scope dealing with VR. Only microLED could make it in both but many challenges needs to be tackled regarding manufacturing, quantum efficiency of < 5 μm LEDs – particularly with red ones – and price will remain a strong standing barrier in VR. If as we expect, VR and AR markets will be growing with respectively 20% and 80% 22-28CAGR, this will be due to the addition of technological solutions turning good enough at more affordable price and the arrival of use-cases pulling their adoption.

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