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IEDM – 14th MRAM Global Innovation Forum

14th MRAM Global innovation Forum

This is a one-day forum organized the day following IEDM. The Forum will consist of 11 invited talks from leading experts, and a panel discussion (see below).  Various MRAM related topics will be covered including STT-MRAM technology, memory and processor demonstrations, SOT-MRAM, and the needs, challenges and potential of MRAM. The Forum was originally initiated by Samsung Semiconductor, and this forum marks the 14th edition of the series.

Yole Group will be part of the speakers with:

Senior Technology and Market Analyst – Memory,
Yole Intelligence part of Yole GRoup

New technologies beyond existing STT-MRAM and benefits in the market place
December 8th, 5pm – 6pm

Full program and more info: HERE

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