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IMAPS Advanced Advanced System-in-Package Conference 2021

The top global virtual event for Advanced System-in-Package technologies!
Combining the 3D ASIP and IMAPS SiP events into an exciting, comprehensive program: One event covering SiP technology developments, solutions and business trends.

Advanced SiP 2021 will feature three days of LIVE virtual technical content (keynote speakers, panel discussions, and professional development courses) as well as on-demand access to 18 technical presentations. The LIVE conference will run August 9-12. On-demand presentations will be available that week as well, and IMAPS will capture/record all of the LIVE presentations and make those replay videos available for 30 days (along with the on-demand speakers as well). The Virtual Conference will provide dynamic learning and technology updates on SiP trends and new engineering innovations from the industry’s global SiP leaders.

IMAPS established the Advanced System-in-Package conference to focus exclusively on innovative SiP technology developments, solutions and business trends. Advanced SiP 2021 combines the IMAPS System-in Package Conference and the 3D ASIP Conference (recognized as the premier conference on 2.5/3D ICs, focused on commercialization and infrastructure). Advanced SiP 2021 offers cutting-edge presentations from scientists, technologists and business leaders across the globe in cellular, IoT, automotive, computing and networking market segments.

“Advanced SiP technology” is an umbrella term to cover a variety of SiP subsets, such as laminate/glass/ ceramic/silicon/leadframe based SiP, Fanout SiP, Heterogeneous integration, 2.5D/3D SiP and modules. Advanced SiP 2021 covers two major segments: microelectronic system design and system integration in a package.

The current trend is to integrate a full system or subsystem in an extremely miniaturized, smaller volume package structure with high functioning system performance, mechanical reliability, thermal management and high yield manufacturability.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

System-in-Package market and technology trends for wearables applications

Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Développement

The demand for SiP (system in package) has increased significantly in recent years, with an adoption in a wide ranging of applications. SiP market is expected to increase from $14B in 2020 to more than $19B in 2026. Wearables have emerged as one of the key applications, where SiP approach leads to drastic footprint reduction, improved performance, and functional integration along with EMI isolation and design flexibilities compared to the stand-alone discrete packages at a lower cost. As an example, Apple Watch SiP approach of having double side molding technology for the PMIC has enabled the package footprint of the component with passives to shrink by 37%. Furthermore, the passives are hence placed closer to the PMIC for better performances. The presentation will focus on the market and technology trends of SiP for the wearable application.

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