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InCabin brings together the biggest names from across the supply chain with an extensive agenda across two tracks, expert-led roundtables, and a full exhibition of the latest innovations. It promises an in-depth technical agenda, focussing on discussions and challenges with regulations, safety, convenience and comfort for driver and passengers. 

Yole group will be part of this agenda with:

Pierrick BOULAY, Senior Analyst – Lighting and ADAS systems
Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Date and Time coming soon…
Copper Stage: AI, deep learning, and machine learning in in-cabin applications
Yole Group presentation: In-cabin applications: towards an intelligent automotive interior

In-cabin applications are becoming more complex, offering more connectivity, monitoring, and more personalization. Driver and occupant monitoring applications are the main applications due to their integration in future regulations. Several technical developments have been observed related to 2D and 3D vision for driver monitoring. For occupant monitoring, radar technology can provide another solution for Tier-1s. But, in-cabin applications are not limited to these applications. Interior lighting is growing rapidly from functional lighting to a more personalized lighting and could even be used for communication and safety applications. Air quality monitoring is still in its infancy but PM2.5 sensors based on the light scattering principle start to be implemented by some OEMs like Volvo. In-cabin applications require more sensors, more computing and therefore the car architecture will be impacted. Moving from a distributed to a more centralized architecture with domain controllers will offer to OEMs the possibility to monetize software services. 

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