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Industry Strategy Symposium – ISS 2021

Bridging the Gap Between the Physical & Digital Worlds

The evolution of our industry never ceases. From ubiquitous computing and seamless connectivity to hyper-mobility at the speed of 5G, the innovations enabled by the semiconductor ecosystem continue to evolve at breakneck speed. Today, driven by the ability to collect, store, and interpret massive volumes of data, AI has emerged as a powerful force that is bringing the physical and digital worlds together and dramatically changing our way of life.

Behind the scenes, but not far out of sight, semiconductor devices make up the thread that runs through every breakthrough, enabling advanced technologies to produce the insights derived from Artificial Intelligence. Data processing, sensors, machine learning, and more—every component supporting AI is based on some type of semiconductor.

Going forward, the space between the physical and digital will shrink even further, enabling us to do things we’ve never done before. Unprecedented innovations will emerge with greater frequency and immeasurable impact. Think of the impact core electronics and AI are having in the wake of COVID-19— and might have in the face of another global pandemic. Researchers and scientists are leveraging these technologies to speed the development of medical treatments, repurpose existing drugs, improve public health strategies, and re-envision the workplace and the classroom. Now, but even more so in the future, silicon will make it happen. ISS 2021 explores “How.”

Yole Développement will participate to the following:

Jean Christophe Eloy CEO Yole Développement

Innovation in advanced packaging is coming from AI processors

On January 12 at 4:05PM
Jean-Christophe Eloy, CEO & President of Yole Développement

Abstract: The emergence of AI based applications in our daily life has pushed the overall semiconductor industry to develop and implement new technologies from the silicon chip to the PCB. Stringent requirements in terms of power consumptions and computing performance as well as for consumer and high performance applications have led packaging designers to be innovative and OEMs to be involved deeply.
From datacenters to high-end smartphones, the use of packaging platforms such as silicon interposer and very fine line/space has become a standard where no compromise can be done on the performance and power consumption. The form factor requirement for the battery-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets is another reason why we see application processors foundries and manufacturers being part of the innovation to ensure and deliver an overall performance consistency in the end-system devices.
In this presentation, Yole will present the evolution of the advanced packaging as a new battlefield for the strategy of the semiconductor companies and leverage its expertise in both AI processors and high-end packaging to highlight the different innovation and performance achieved and associate the growing market size and the emerging platforms such as 3D SoC. On top of that, Yole will present the ecosystems with the companies and R&D institutes who play a role in this innovation.

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