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Intermag 2021 : 12th MRAM Global Innovation Forum

This Forum will feature ten prerecorded invited talks available on-demand starting 19 April 2021. During the Live Session, these speakers will each give a brief summary of their talk, followed by a live Q&A moderated by the Session Chair. Following the live Q&A, there will be a live panel discussion titled “What do we need to bring MRAM to next level?”. The speakers will discuss such topics as what we need to do bring MRAM to next level, and what breakthroughs do we need to make MRAM (or spintronics) an integral part of CMOS electronics at advanced nodes. The launching of volume production of STT-MRAM by major microelectronics companies marks the adoption of this hybrid CMOS/magnetic technology by microelectronics industry. This constitutes a major achievement for spintronics R&D which opens further perspective of spintronic applications. This one-day Forum will give an overview of the present status of industrial MRAM development and discuss the foreseen evolutions.

Live Session – Tuesday, 27 April

  • 9:00 am CST (Asia)
  • 2:00 am CET (Europe)
  • 7:00 pm CST (US) NOTE: This is Sunday evening, 25 April.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

On April 27th, 2021 from 2:00am to 3:00am,
Simone Bertolazzi, PhD, Technology & Market analyst, Yole Développement

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