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Fullfilling the IoT Promise and the Impact of 5G

The Internet of Things (IoT) is much-talked about as an enabler of smart everything – from smart cities to smart factories and almost anything that can benefit from so-called digital transformation. While billions of devices are already connected and enhancing many aspects of modern living, the IoT is yet to fulfil its true potential.  This conference will look at the reality of where we are with IoT technologies, how the promise of IoT can be fulfilled on a wider scale. And in this context, it will look at how 5G technologies can support more widespread adoption, whether it is for autonomous vehicles, for industrial automation, for healthcare and well-being, and many more, such as farming and agriculture.

This virtual event works the same way as a live exhibition and conference: it has a fairground, exhibition hall and conference area. During the technical conference, we will have several topic-specific sessions consisting of Keynotes about major technical trends, market requirements, new applications areas, etc., Panel Discussions with industry experts and Technical Presentations about products and solutions. Parallel to the Conference there will be an Exhibition, featuring virtual booths from leading automotive companies. A Live Chat tool enables visitors to directly contact the booth personnel.

Yole Développement will participate to the following:

5G brings private networks to life but will have to compete with the edge computing approach

Antoine Bonnabel, Technology & Market Analyst, RF devices and Technology at Yole Développement
On June 23rd, 2021

Abstract: 5G sees two different approaches in terms of private deployment and IoT connectivity: the use of public frequencies owned by mobile network operators (MNOs) and the use of private frequencies under license acquired by private companies in specific areas. Both approaches allow for deployments of private networks with dedicated infrastructure, one through network slicing and the other through locally deployed private infrastructure. Both now compete with edge computing for truly secure solutions at plant level. We will present the general dynamics of each approach with their industrial chain specifics and expected market at component level.

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