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ISELED Conference 2021

Yole Développement invites you to join us at ISELED Conference 2021.

ISELED celebrates its 5th anniversary and ILaS makes its debut with a premium OEM

It is now exactly five years since the ISELED Alliance was founded by five companies and the concept of the “Digital LED” was presented for the first time at the electronica 2016 trade fair. What an impressive development we have seen since then! Following the announcement “ISELED is on the road” at the ISELED Conference in September last year, the technology isn’t just making it into more and more cars. ISELED is now also finding its way into other markets such as aviation and industrial lighting. This year’s sales already exceed even the most optimistic forecasts many times over and the magic number of a billion “Digital LEDs” is already appearing on the horizon.

Enough of a great success story? Not really, as innovation never stops. When customers wanted to start using ISELED not only over short distances – the initial objective – but also distributed throughout the car, ILaS, the ISELED Light and Sensor network, was developed. It is a highly performing field bus for the requirements of tomorrow´s lighting and sensor architectures. And a first premium OEM has already decided to use ILaS in all of its vehicles in the future.

The first prototypes will be presented at this year’s ISELED Conference and not only that: Thanks to the great momentum within the ISELED Alliance – today already with 40 members from all over the world – the ecosystem is constantly expanding, with an ever growing variety of new products and system/application solutions.

The ISELED Alliance looks forward to welcoming you to this now 4th ISELED Conference on site in Munich with a true-to-life exhibition, all completely online and at no cost for the global audience. Due to CoVid-19 regulations, the on site seats however are very limited and reserved for the speakers, the exhibiting companies and the organizer’s technical staff. 

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

“Trends in Automotive Lighting – Toward advanced lighting, digitalization and ADAS”
October 19 – 8:40 AM 

Pierrick Boulay, Market & Technology Senior Analyst – Solid State Lightning & Lightning Systems at Yole Développement

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