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Unveiling Tomorrow’s Semiconductors

ISES Taiwan is the world’s largest gathering of semiconductor manufacturing executives. This event features exclusive insights into the future of the industry. Discover transformative trends such as chiplet adoption and generative AI, and explore Taiwan’s pivotal role in shaping the semiconductor landscape.

Join Yole Group as we dissect the latest trends, from chiplet adoption to the rise of generative AI, and explore their implications for the semiconductor ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of semiconductor manufacturing.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Jérôme Azemar
Consulting Services Division Director

Wednesday, May 15th
2:05-2:25pm: Generative AI and Chiplet: Impact on semiconductor industry and position of Taiwan

The semiconductor industry, particularly the processor branch, is undergoing significant transformations driven by two key trends: chiplet adoption and the rise of generative AI.
Chiplet is a kind of ground swell for which the industry has geared up and started adopting it for a couple of years. The developers have step by step removed the technical obstacles, putting in place the supply chain.
Generative AI adoption has surged, driven by hyperscalers and cloud players investing heavily in AI servers to construct their infrastructure.
This presentation will unveil the latest trends in chiplet adoption and will dissect Gen AI investment to identify who is making the revenues of it and what we Gen AI means for the processor industry (GPU and AI accelerators vendors) to the supply chain (foundry and OSATs). While describing the global situation and worldwide enthusiasm around AI, this talk will also elaborate on Taiwan’s position and impact in that field.

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