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MEMS Engineer Forum 2021

Yole Développement invites you to join us at MEF 2021.

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) is a unique place operated mainly among engineers close to the MEMS technology, which is the vital key for the 21st century. We strongly believe that the key players in this field will drive the world in diversified business sectors over the next decades. Since the start of the 1st MEF in March 2009, this forum has been held annually with MEMS researchers, developers, engineers gathering in one place.

Tne 12th MEF will be held on April 21-22, 2021 virtually considering about the current situation of COVID-19.

The worldwide fusion and creation of the new movement based on MEMS fundamental, application, and interdisciplinary technology field as well as MEMS markets was followed up by MEMS engineers via excellent vision and skills in the forum.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

Dimitrios Damianos - Yole Développement

“What will be the opportunities for MEMS in the new normal?”

Dimitrios Damianos PhD, Custom Project Business Developer at Yole Développement
From 17:45 to 18:10 on April 21, 2021 in China – Session: Impact of COVID-19 on MEMS

Eric Mounier - Yole Développement

Panel discussion: “MEMS contribute to Smart Society resilient to Pandemic”

Eric Mounier PhD, Director of Market Research at Yole Développement
From 10:20 to 11:05 on April 22, 2021 in China

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