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This year’s edition of Photonics Days Berlin/Brandenburg will held in-presence event including, seven one-day workshops, two half-day workshops, exhibition and plentiful networking opportunities.

Berlin/Brandenburg is a leading innovation hotspot in the very diverse fields of Photonics, optics, microsystems technologies and quantum technologies. Berlin Brandenburg is also a start-up hotspot in digital and photonics based technologies.

During this year’s Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg, it will discuss the latest tech developments, manufacturing, testing challenges and market opportunities with the community of Berlin/Brandenburg based companies and institutes, including colleagues in Germany along with the international community.

Photonics Days 2022 will bring the regional and international photonics community together as well as connecting participants from different sectors and regions, to facilitate cooperation that drives innovation creating value for new Photonics-based value chains together.

Jean-Christophe ELOY, Yole Group CEO, will be part of the program:

Jean Christophe Eloy CEO Yole Développement

October 5th 2022
Semiconductors and Heterointegration workshop

How heterointegration can support the growth of the photonic industry?

Workshop Abstract:

Heterogeneous integration is one of the most promising ways to bridge the gap between emerging microelectronics and its derived applications, integrating components based on vastly different technologies and materials like power devices (GaN, Sic or others), photonic or RF components (using InP, GaAs or others), energy harvesting, or MEMS. Thus, the future of electronic system integration will see a combination of ‘More Moore’ and ‘More than Moore’ components, combined in one package, above the System-in-Package (SiP) concept. In this workshop new technologies and architectures will be discussed to highlight the progress made in nanoelectronics, wireless technologies and photonic component technologies for heterogeneous integration as the next challenge exceeding the boundaries of current SoCs and SiPs.

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