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This exceptional event offers an extensive program of activities, including exhibitions, in-person business-to-business matchmaking opportunities, and a chance to connect with like-minded professionals to discuss new business ventures.

The summit provides a unique opportunity to gain unparalleled insights into the latest MEMS & Imaging technologies and how they can significantly impact future product developments and applications. With the rapid advancement in the development, manufacturing, integration of MEMS and image sensors, and their ingenious utilization with AI/ML or data fusion, we are on the cusp of a new wave of groundbreaking applications.

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Senior Technology and Market Analyst – Imaging
 and Display
Yole Intelligence

Thursday, September 21
Session: Disruptive Technologies

Pierre-Marie VISSE
Senior Technology & Market Analyst – MEMS & Sensing
Yole Intelligence

Wednesday, September 20
Session: Future of the MEMS Technology
1:10pm: Exploring the Latest and Future MEMS Trends for a Smarter World

ABSTRACT: Exploring the Latest and Future MEMS Trends for a Smarter World
MEMS technology is part of everyday life. Indeed, sensors and actuators MEMS based can be found in variety of systems, from wearable to smart cities. MEMS are going through an unprecedented volume growth of High single digit.
If the market volumes are coming from traditional MEMS devices like RF MEMS, microphones, pressure, or inertial sensors that are found across a multitude of applications, there is great promise for future growth from emerging devices with the big hype being around MEMS timing/oscillators and microspeakers, as well as gas sensors or ultrasonic transducers (PMUT, CMUT). Their adoptions foster, among other, transition for automotive electrification, indoor air quality monitoring, smart industrial maintenance, or better access to healthcare services at the point of care.
Manufacturers are combining development of communication and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with MEMS technology in order to give sensors extra functionalities and added value, to help us to live in a smarter world.
The presentation will highlight first the overall MEMS market growth and mention the main market trends impact. It will also show the main technology developments related to intelligent sensing.

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