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Boosting Agility and Resiliency of the Electronics Supply Chain in Southeast Asia

Geopolitical instability and ongoing trade tensions between the East and the West are just some of the aftershocks that the semiconductor industry is still reeling from, creating a ripple effect throughout the supply chain networks and ecosystem. 
Consequently, the ongoing supply chain disruptions, the US CHIPS Act and the semiconductor alliance have now, more than ever, put a renewed focus on boosting the agility and resiliency of the electronics supply chain to respond to the evolving market forces.  
As such, to necessitate a paradigm shift, there is a critical need for modernizing the supply chain strategy while pursuing two key objectives – having the agility to evolve swiftly and profitably by anticipating, initiating, and capitalizing on opportunities and having the resiliency to reorganize and deliver the core functions continually, despite the impact of external and/or internal shocks to the system.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Yik Yee TAN,
Senior Technology and Market AnalystAdvanced Packaging
Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

May, Wednesday 24th
9:30am: Market and Technologies Trend in Advanced Packaging

May, Thursday 25th
9:30am: Global vehicle electrification trends and BEV opportunities in the developing world

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