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Semiconductor Outlook: Navigating Through Turbulent Times and the Impact of the Recession

Businesses across the globe faced a host of new challenges during the recent pandemic. As the pandemic wanes, we are now faced with recession as high inventories and low demand could mean trouble for semiconductor chip manufacturers.     Industry leaders and market experts will discuss the outlook and the impact on semiconductor design and manufacturing supply chain in the near and long term, including regional and global economies, and the Chips Act.    Speakers will also discuss strategies for mitigating the impact and how to capture value.   

Yole Group will be part of these speakers with:

Jean Christophe Eloy CEO Yole Développement

Jean-Christophe ELOY, President and CEO
Yole Group

Thursday, March 16
09:45am – 10:10am (PT): Advanced Packaging & Chiplets

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