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MicroLED, From Sprint to Marathon?
Tuesday, January 30th, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST | Expo Stage, Hall DE
MicroLED promised better performance than OLED on all key metrics but are facing ongoing delays due to manufacturing challenges and costs. Meanwhile, OLED keeps improving and microLED’s value proposition is becoming less clear for some applications. What needs to happen and when for microLED to succeed?

Photonics Technologies for Datacom: Complement or Compete?
Wednesday, January 31st, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM PST |Expo Stage, Hall DE

Network traffic is forecast to grow exponentially in coming years and generative AI led by technologies such as Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard has unleashed a new wave in demand for optical connections. Rapid network bandwidth expansion is also driving photonics technologies developments. Optical transceivers deployed within intra-DC architecture or AOCs for InfiniBand networks can adopt various photonic devices such as VCSELs, DMLs, EMLs, CWLs for silicon photonics (sipho) and DFB-MZ depending on transmission distance and customer requirements. Moreover, SiPho-based in-package optical I/O for chip-to-chip are expected to reach the market soon. Which photonics platform has the potential to be the most preferable in five years? Is there a clear winner? Trends in players’ strategies, future technologies, roadmaps, and market forecasts in optical communication industry will be presented at this event.


Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Substrates
Yole Intelligence

Wednesday, January 31st
Conference Presentation – Paper 12904-12
11:55am – 12:15pm: VCSELs: Driving innovations in 3D sensing and data communication

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) have become indispensable in consumer technology and data communication, driving innovations in 3D sensing and high-speed data transmission. Apple’s adoption of GaAs-based VCSELs in 2017 revolutionized technology by enabling features like facial recognition and augmented reality. Lumentum and Coherent have been industry leaders in 3D sensing, shaping the market landscape. This year, a third player using new VCSEL technology entered Apple’s supply chain, potentially disrupting market dynamics. Simultaneously, the demand for VCSELs with higher data rates per wavelength is surging due to artificial intelligence (AI) applications, pushing the limits of optical communication. Anticipating significant production growth in 100G VCSELs by 2024, several companies are in the qualification phase, competing in this emerging market. The presentation will explore the impact of the third player on the VCSEL market, AI’s ongoing influence on VCSEL technology, and the projected market size of GaAs VCSELs over the next five years.

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