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Asia-Pacifc Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (APCSCRM) is one of the high-level conference in the Asia Pacific wide bandgap Semiconductor industry and academia. Since the first conference held in Beijing in 2018, APCSCRM has successfully held three sessions, attracting representatives from more than ten countries or regions such as Europe, America, and Japan to attend each session, with an annual attendance of over 500 people.

The conference focuses on interdisciplinary topics of wide bandgap semiconductor materials and related devices, covering crystal and epitaxial growth, material properties, power and RF devices, packaging modules, system solutions, and applications.

APCSCRM brings together the world’s outstanding scientists, industry experts and leading enterprises engaged in the wide bandgap semiconductor industry, and carries out in-depth discussions, exchanges and sharing around the hot technologies and latest research achievements.

APCSCRM will promote new development and profound exchanges between the Asia-Pacific wide bandgap semiconductor industry and academia, strengthen collaborative innovation, and open and close cooperation.

Yole Group will be part of program with:

Poshun CHIU,
Senior Analyst – Compound Semiconductor & Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence

Presentation: Overview of SiC market and the supply chain evolution 

In view of the strong growth of the SiC device market, expected to approach the $10 billion milestone in the coming years, mainly driven by applications in xEVs and industrial sectors, numerous industry participants have unveiled their expansion plans to increase their market presence. Simultaneously, collaborations among major players and industry consolidation are reshaping the SiC supply chain. This presentation will focus on the strategies implemented within the Power SiC and the potential for growth opportunities in the Chinese market. Furthermore, given the pivotal role of 8-inch SiC in facilitating scalability, what can we anticipate in the rapidly expanding Power SiC market over the next five years? 

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