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orientation for developers and technical buyers in the field of power electronics

The conference will provide important basics and application notes on MOSFET & Co.
– Is a superjunction MOSFET sufficient for the intended application, or does it make more sense to switch to GaN or SiC transistors?
– Will the selected driver IC also work with other power semiconductor technologies?
– What deviations from the information in the data sheet are to be expected?
– Which factors are decisive for a qualified pre-selection and what other questions to the manufacturers facilitate decision-making and procurement?

This conference is powered by Elektronik, Market&Technik and WEKA Fachmedien

Yole Group will be part of the program to answer those questions with:

Jean Christophe Eloy CEO Yole Développement

Jean-Christophe ELOY,
CEO and President
Yole Group

Wednesday, November 22
Session: Silicon and silicon carbide
09:45 – 10:15: Which are the driving markets and technologies in the power electronics business?

The trend towards “electrification of everything” drives the demand for power components in different applications such as electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and industrial applications. This presentation will cover the main growing trends at market and technology level for converters (such as increasing system power and voltage levels, modularity, etc.) and for power devices including Si, SiC and GaN shares, hybrid solutions, etc.

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