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The Vision Spectra Conference gathers the leading names and thinkers in the machine vision industry – all in one place, over three days in July. Hear from more than 30 brilliant speakers and discover new, innovative companies that are transforming the industry. Tune in for the latest on inspection, vision-guided robotics, warehousing and logistics, and new advances in systems and components.

Wednesday, July 20th
Richard Liu, Imaging and display Senior Analyst, offers a macro look at the machine vision market and isolate market demands with a focus on long- and short-term growth factors:

From 2D to 3D, the machine vision market is hot: is this real end-market demand or a price bubble?

During the epidemic, many industries experienced a significant impact, and therefore industrial cameras sales stagnated. In 2021, the steady 2D industrial cameras market suddenly took off and achieved around 50% growth; and 3D industrial cameras, still in their infancy, also progressing rapidly and starting to be delivered in batches.

What is the driving force behind this? Is it actual demand or a price bubble caused by the resource scarcity after the disruption of the pandemic? This presentation will explore the market, applications, and supply chain in turn to reveal the answer.

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