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FREE WEBCAST – November 28 at 5 PM CET – 8 AM PDT

The audio business is about to experience profound changes,
and become a masterpiece of the new HMI

Yole Développement proposes to share its analysis of the situation on the 28th of November with a dedicated webcast!

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Since 2013 and the massive introduction of personal assistant (Siri, Alexa, OK Google, Bixby, etc.), the human-machine interface has evolved and is now leveraged by the audio sensing.

Audio is now becoming a key function of multiple existing and new products that increasingly has to be analyzed as a complete landscape compared to independent devices. From mobile phones to cars, from home assistants to drones, audio products like microphones, speakers and audio integrated circuits (ICs) are essential for all the new systems driving consumer electronic markets. The objectives of the webcast are to :

• Discuss the MEMS microphone market

• Review the players in the game

• Have the Yole Développement forecast of the audio business

• Review the value chain and supply chain

• Take a look at the audio ICs and MEMS µspeakers market .



Guillaume Girardin Yole Developpement

Dr. Guillaume Girardin works as a Market & Technology Analyst for MEMS devices and technologies at Yole Développement, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company. Guillaume holds a Ph.D. In Physics and Nanotechnology from Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 and a M.Sc. in Technology and Innovation Management from EM Lyon School of Business.




Romain Fraux System Plus Consulting

Romain Fraux is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the company System Plus Consulting, specialized in the reverse costing analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems. Supporting industrial companies in their development, Romain and his team are offering a complete range of services, costing tools and reports. They deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate objective selling price of a product, all based on a detailed physical analysis of each component in System Plus Consulting laboratory. Thanks to his deep technical expertise and his knowledge of the industrial landscape, Romain performs costing analyses of MEMS devices, Integrated Circuit and Advanced Packaging. He has significant experience in the modeling of the manufacturing costs of electronics components as well.
Romain has spoken in more than 20 industry conferences worldwide over the last 10 years. Romain holds a BEng from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in addition to a master’s degree in Microelectronics from the University of Nantes (France).


USound Johny Pedersen Yole i Micronews

Johnny Pedersen is the Director of Engineering of Usound GmbH, a Austrian based startup company with key competences within areas of audio systems and MEMS micro loudspeakers. He is responsible for leading the mixed-signal ASIC team as well as the HW, SW and PCB development teams.
USound is an audio startup company, which is developing an innovative micro loudspeaker technology targeting the continuously growing market of smartphones, headsets, hearing aids and basically all types of audio based wearables. The USound loudspeaker is based on a novel piezo MEMS technology, which aims to be competitive with respect to audio performance, power consumption, form factor and price.
Johnny comes with more than 20 years of experience within mixed-signal ASIC development, hearing aids, microprocessors, wireless technology, consumer, medical and audio applications – both as developer/architect and as manager. His educational background is a Master in Electronics Engineering (M.Sc.EE) complemented with a Master in Business Administration (MBA).



FEK 19

As part of the Commercial & Communication team of Yole Développement (Yole), Fayçal El Khamassi serves as a Global Sales Support & Coordinator. He is in charge of the development of technology & market reports activity and is closely working with the international sales team to support Yole’s customers. For few years, Fayçal is composing business development actions, especially to the attention of major accounts. He has more than 15 years of experience in the “More than Moore” semiconductor marketplace.
Fayçal holds a Beng Honours (Bachelor – Mechanical Engineering) from the University of the West of England, Bristol (England) as well as an Mechanical and Production Engineering degree from University Claude Bernard (Lyon, France).




Acoustic MEMS and Audio Solutions 2017 Report Yole Développement Acoustic MEMS and Audio Solutions 2017

The market for MEMS microphones and ECMs, micro-speakers and audio ICs will be worth $20B in 2022.
Get more here.



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