Advanced RF SiPs for Cellphones

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5G is pushing innovation in RF front-end Systems-in-Packages

The fifth generation (5G) telecommunication standard will totally redefine radio frequency (RF) front-end interactions between networks and modems. The new RF bands where 5G is deployed, sub-6 GHz and millimeter (mm)-wave, pose big challenges for the industry.

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) has led to complex architecture in today’s mobile phones, mostly due to carrier aggregation and because RF board area and available antenna space have been reduced. This has led to a densification trend, with more handset Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) adopting power amplifier modules and implementing new techniques like antenna-sharing between LTE and WiFi. More densification in front-end modules will be required to enable new band integration. Without tight integration 5G New Radio (NR) in the mmWave spectrum won’t be able to deliver the multi-gigabit speeds that are the key Unique Selling Point (USP) of 5G.

Advanced multi-die System-in-Package (SiP) packaging offers a large set of key technologies to address all flavors of 5G requirement that will enable its implementation in mobile devices. We will forecast market trends and challenges of packaging for RF front-end components in mobile as we enter the 5G era, including the supply chains and strategies of RF SiP manufacturers.



Advanced RF System-in-Package for Cellphones 2019
5G is pushing innovation for RF front-end SiP.

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