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Compound semiconductors substrates stand as a transformative force across power electronics, RF, photonics and display industries with an expected market value of $3.3B in 2029.  

Compound semiconductors are surging in popularity due to their remarkable performance advancements in power electronics, RF, photonics, and the dazzling world of microLED displays, thus eclipsing silicon by delivering superior performance. In the core of these applications lies different compound semiconductor materials. The electrification of transport is enhanced using SiC- and GaN-based power devices; 5G telecommunications infrastructure and Defense keep driving GaN RF standardization for high power amplifiers, Mobile market is recovering driving steady volumes for GaAs, with new frequency band it might bring new opportunities for GaN-on-Si, and InP/GaAs-based EELs/VCSELs are the key devices for optical communications, as well as sensing in automobiles and smartphones. We’ll explore the latest trends, innovations, and emerging technologies shaping the CS industry. In today’s fast-paced world, understanding the particularities of compound semiconductors is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and stay informed about the forefront of compound semiconductor technology. 

This webinar will highlight:  

  • Global overview of compound semiconductor versus Silicon 
  • Power GaN market trends and main drivers, focus on technology trends with teardowns of selective power GaN devices. 
  • Focus on photonic InP and GaAs technologies in optical communication, automotive, and smartphones with key market figures today and tomorrow. 
  • Recent Teardowns on automotive Lidar and smartphones featuring GaAs VCSELs technology: spotlight on Hesai’s AT128 LiDAR and iPhone 15 Pro LiDAR module. 
  • Focus on RF GaN-on-SiC and RF GaAs, what are the trends and new market opportunities for those two materials? RF GaN-on-Si will it profit of power GaN-on-Si ramp-up to bring new market opportunities?  
  • Beyond existing compound semiconductor materials: What lies on the horizon for emerging semiconductor substrates? 

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