Application Processor Market Responses to COVID and Beyond – LIVE MARKET BRIEFING

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The APU market is a representative cross-section of the logic and foundry space, whose segments bear witness to varied COVID impacts.

Application processors are found in an increasing number of consumer and industrial devices.  The trends observed in this corner of the semiconductor world give insight into the broader trends of both leading- and lagging-edge IC production and applications.  For instance, high-end smartphone, tablets, and ARM-based laptops are reaching computational parity with their x86-based counterparts, while maintaining their low-power specifications. 

Less sophisticated APUs, such as those that manage our connection to virtual assistants through smart speakers, exist in a different realm of processing capability, while again running within minimal power constraints. 

Additionally, the COVID pandemic is not impacting all APU segments equally, as some applications are amplified by the working-from-home situation, and others are dampened.  Looking at all these APU segments individually and together as a whole brings the customer significant insights into the technological trends of logic and foundry market dynamics. 

The APU market is predominantly that of a fabless and foundry relations, so there are additional angles from which to view the health of the industry and its players.  It is through its last quarterly monitor that Yole Développement delivers such insights to customers within the semi and technical supply chains.

This Live Marketing Briefing will give you 30 minutes to get a deeper understanding of the current situation.

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