Challenges and strategies for mass adoption of emerging NVM technologies – Webcast

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FREE WEBCAST – January 24th, 2019 at 5 PM CET – 8 AM PDT

After 15+ years in development, stand-alone PCM has finally taken off in 2018 – and STT-MRAM now leads the embedded memory race


Emerging non-volatile memory (eNVM) has long been restricted to niche applications because of poor scalability, high cost, and a lack of support from major memory makers. But in 2017, after more than 15 years in development, the first PCM-based technology for storage-class memory (i.e. 3D XPoint) finally entered the market. And thanks to the rise of 3D XPoint enabled by Intel’s leading position in the enterprise processor business, PCM is poised to dominate the stand-alone eNVM market.

In the embedded business, the top foundries are preparing with 28/22nm technology processes for eNVM to be integrated in MCUs/SoCs. STT-MRAM has advanced faster than RRAM, and in the coming years it will lead the embedded emerging NVM market.

This webcast provides an overview of stand-alone and embedded eNVM technologies/markets, covering their current status and evolution. What are the latest technology developments for (STT-) MRAM, PCM, and RRAM? What will 3DX Point’s future entail once Micron and Intel’s joint venture ends? What goals are foundries pursuing within the embedded memory business? What strategies are emerging eNVM players adopting to introduce their new technologies to the market?

Join Yole Développement’s webcast for a discussion of these questions and gain a better understanding of memory market trends from several perspectives, including market & technology and competitive dynamics.

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