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Webcast Fan Out 2017 Yole Développement

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Fan-Out Packaging success story confirmed…
but market is getting more and more complexity!

Excited by the Fan-out packaging potential but willing to avoid its traps?
Check out Yole Group latest analysis of the most buzzing Advanced Packaging market.

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Fan-Out Packaging is catching the attention of the Advanced Packaging world since 2015 and involvement of TSMC to supply Apple with that platform. Since then, not only Fan-Out Packaging is the biggest buzz of the industry but it keeps widespreading and diversifying… which makes the situation more complex! New markets targeted for Fan-Out, new platforms appearing, new approaches to reduce cost, etc… Situation is raising many questions: Will panel Fan-Out get through? Who will get market shares from TSMC? What will be the next killer application for Fan-Out packaging?

Based on the most recent report from Yole Développement, latest teardowns from System Plus Consulting and patent landscape analysis from KnowMade, the Yole Group, a joint collaboration of companies, proposes in this webcast to answer these questions with an overview of the Fan-Out Packaging industry and a focus of the strategies, business, and technology trends impacting its market.



Jérôme Azemar - Yole Développement

Jérôme Azémar is a  senior member of the Advanced Packaging & Manufacturing team of Yole Développement, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company. Upon graduating from INSA Toulouse with a master’s in Microelectronics and Applied Physics, he joined ASML and worked in Veldhoven for three years as an Application Support Engineer, specializing in immersion scanners. During this time he acquired Photolithography skills which he then honed over a two-year stint as a Process Engineer at STMicroelectronics. While with STMicroelectronics, he developed new processes, co-authored an international publication and worked on metrology structures embedded on reticules before joining Yole Développement in 2013. 



Dr. Stéphane Elisabeth has joined System Plus Consulting team this year to provided his deep knowledge in Advanced Packaging, Imaging and RF applications, material characterization and Electronic systems. He holds an Engineering degree in RF and Digital Technology, and a PhD in Materials for Microelectronics.





FEK 19

As part of the Commercial & Communication team of Yole Développement (Yole), Fayçal El Khamassi serves as a Global Sales Support & Coordinator. He is in charge of the development of technology & market reports activity and is closely working with the international sales team to support Yole’s customers. For few years, Fayçal is composing business development actions, especially to the attention of major accounts. He has more than 15 years of experience in the “More than Moore” semiconductor marketplace.
Fayçal holds a Beng Honours (Bachelor – Mechanical Engineering) from the University of the West of England, Bristol (England) as well as an Mechanical and Production Engineering degree from University Claude Bernard (Lyon, France).




Fan Out Packaging Technologies Market trends 2017 Fan-Out: Technologies and Market trends 2017

Fan-Out packaging growth is now a fact: Who can challenge TSMC to get market shares, and how would panel technology impact that?
Get more here.



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