From legacy technology to innovation, the laser diode market is exploding – Webcast

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The VCSELs and EELs have brought the lasers into sensing play. Smart and fully automated systems are around the corner.

Laser diodes (LDs) found their sweet spot in the 1990s as a light source for optical transceivers. Vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) started to be used in data communications and edge-emitting lasers (EELs) in telecommunications. Further refinements and the Internet drove the LD market, with each technology following its own path.

However, EELs were increasingly used in different industries, finding growth opportunities in areas like material processing and optical storage. Applications like displays, sensing and medical are still emerging. VCSELs took more time to find strong growth drivers, but the smartphone boom created a window of opportunity. VCSELs found their killer application in 3D sensing. Overall, in historical and emerging applications, laser diodes could represent a potential business opportunity of around $9B in 2026.

If you are curious about general laser diode market trends, emerging applications, future technological and industrial development, join Yole Développement, II-VI Incorporated and System Plus Consulting for an exclusive webcast.

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